Yesterday all the children met their new class teacher for 2018-2019.

Miss Senior will be teaching Emerald class from September and Mrs Vaughan will be teaching Amethyst.  We both really enjoyed writing our class charters with you yesterday and we can not wait to have you in our class! You are all going to be amazing!

Here are a few challenges that you could have a go at over summer.  We would love to see any of your home learning that you have completed in September.

Summer reading challengehttps://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/

Maths challenges – 37744-Algebra magic square37745-Area and perimeter37746-Brick wall problems37747-Challenge cards37749-Percentage increase worksheet37750-Factorising quadratics37751-Double brackets


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Celebration Assembly

On Friday 29th June 2018, Year 6 held their final celebration assembly to celebrate their  time at Prince Edward.  All the children sung the songs beautifully and thanked many teachers and helpers for all their hard work over the years.  It was really special to share the celebration with the whole school and all our Y6 parents.

We would like to wish all our children who are moving on to transition the best of luck in the world!

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 10th July 2018 for prom and Friday 20th July for our final day together!



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Fiver Challenge

IMG_0209IMG_0210IMG_0233IMG_0234IMG_0235IMG_0236IMG_0241IMG_0243IMG_0247This half term Year 6 have participated in the national Fiver Challenge.  We used £5 pledges to get our pupil business ideas off the ground during the four week challenge.  Our aim was to make as much profit as possible!

During the first week we had to work together to decide what product or service we wanted to invest our fivers in.  We worked in our teams to source materials, products, prepare sales pitches and plan our selling event.  In the third week of the challenge we had to prepare and promote our event and at the end we repayed our £5 pledges (plus 50p interest) then worked out our profit.

Our pop up shop was a huge success on Thursday 28th July 2018. All our businesses made a profit!

Carwash and valet made £92.41

Cards and crafts made £15.10

Slime Stall made £86.75

Stress Balls made £51.29

Colouring book stall made £17.20

Lucky dip made £18.46

Penalty shoot out made £13.70

Basket ball shoot out made £7.80

Altogether this gave us a grand total profit of £302.71

Some of our Year 6 children will be entering the National Fiver Challenge Competition hoping to win an award for the most profitable business idea or the best group. Keep an eye on our blog to see if any of a fabulous entrepreneurs make it to the final!!



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Andy Messer the AMAZING story teller!

Last week we were very lucky to have a special visit from Andy Messer the story teller.  Andy took us on a journey back to Ancient Egypt where we took part in a mummification, embalmed a body and even mummified our friends.  We learnt so many new, interesting facts from his stories about the different Gods.  It was a very interesting, exciting immersion to our new topic and we can not wait to study Ancient Egypt.


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Last half term Y6 took part in the Zest Smoke Free Schools Programme.

The Smokefree Schools Programme aims to minimise the uptake of smoking amongst Sheffield. The programme offers a preventative whole school approach to tobacco control in the curriculum.

All the children enjoyed a six week programme of physical activities to engage and educate them about the dangers of smoking. It increased their confidence  to resist starting to smoke whilst offering them 7 weeks of fun filled activities.

At the end all of the children signed a pledge never to start smoking after hearing about the lasting effects!





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Kingswood 2018!

Year 6 had the most amazing week at Kingswood from Monday 12th March – Friday 16th March.  All the children took part in a variety of activities and gave it their all. We were so proud of all the children. When we returned to school we made a memory board and wrote a recount of our memorable experience.

Live from Kingswood

Have you ever been to Kingswood? Have you pushed yourself to the limit? No-well I have and it’s amazing! Exciting and fun, challenging and action –packed, Kingswood is a once in a life time opportunity.

1.2.3G !

The 3G swing is the most mentally challenging activity you will face Kingswood. Even if you are scared of heights, you will still find it amazingly fun. After you have had your h and h checked (harness and helmet) the challenge begins. Once it is your turn, you will be clipped by your harness to a couple of ropes .In front of you will be a metal bar which dangles. Some people will choose to hold on to the bar; others with choose just to sit in the harness.

Once you are on the 3G, your team mates will slowly and carefully pull a long rope which will eventually lead you to your desired height. However, don’t worry there are professionals instructors watching all of the time. When you have reached your preferred height, you or your partner will be brave enough to pull the green rope which will release you. Everybody below will shout 1.2.3.G!

Zip Zip and away

This might seem one of the highest activities you will face at Kingswood (25 feet) but you are still safe and secure. Once again, you wear a h and h and have it checked by a professional .The instructor reassures you every step of the way because it is a possibility you might change your mind when it’s your turn. During the time people having their go you might want to cheer your teammates on whose turn it is. This is because it might build their confidence up a little bit more. The zip line is so inclusive. Standing on the edge of the tower, looking down, it is terrifying! Some people prefer to leap off; others (like myself) prefer to sit down. Zoom! Zip! Whip! Zooming down the zip line is a great sensation.

You see me rolling!

If you don’t like getting muddy , if you don’t like lifting heavy objects ,if you don’t like getting wet , then this is not the activity for you .Whilst in buggy building , you will get covered in mud .The equipment you will use are : two barrels , four wooden poles and a couple of ropes .After you have built your buggies ,you all work as a team to race them . This activity is for everyone because it takes place on the ground. There are no heights involved so you can relax and have fun.


After five days at Kingswood, you will feel very proud of yourself. You might have even faced some of your fears. Exciting, fun –you must come to Kingswood it will change your life. Can you afford to miss out?

By Crystal





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Summer 1 newsletter

Summer 1 Newsletter Y6

Here is our Y6 Summer 1 newsletter with all our important information and dates for this half term.

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Easter Extravaganza!

Awesome, enjoyable, fun- we have all had an amazing time so far during our first 2 days at Prince Edward Easter Extravaganza.  In a morning, the children have been arriving from 9 o’clock to cook their own delicious chocolate-chip pancakes or to enjoy their crumpets and cereals whilst chatting to their friends.  They have loved having such a wide variety of food and fruit juices available!

Reading is our first activity. It is so nice to be able lounge in our own clothes and chat to our peers about our current reads (especially when each table has a supply of sweets and treats.)  Then, the ultimate Easter Egg times tables challenge! Todays winners were Scott and Ellie, well done you two superstars! We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your Easter Egg prize! There are still lots more prizes up for grabs. Could you be our next winner?

Amongst our EGG-cellent SPAG revision  and our EGG-citing maths booster classes we have all enjoyed a wide variety of activities.  We all LOVED the bouncy castle obstacle course on Monday; competing against our friends for a record time was so much fun. We have also throughouly enjoyed baking Easter buns, making Spring crafts, participating in an around the school treasure hunt and competing in a general knowledge quiz. We are all waiting in suspense for the final scores on the doors tomorrow morning. I wonder which team will claim firs place and win the grand prize?

We can not believe there are only two action-packed, fun-filled days left! Keep up your excellent attendance Y6 to be in the final prize draw for free football match tickets, jump nation tickets, ice skating tickets and many more incredible prizes.









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Books at Bedtime Competition

On Friday, Prince Edward pupils finished the half term with a real treat! To celebrate our Books at Bedtime competition, (which has been on going for three weeks), all the children and staff came to school in their favourite pyjamas.   We had a special story time assembly with Andy Messer (which some of our parents attended too) and we all had a hot chocolate with cream and a biscuit to dip in too! Those who had completed their reading sheet for 3 weeks in a row were entered into the grand prize draw and were allowed to choose a fantastic prize! Well done to our Y6 winners: Tamzin and Mckenzie who both chose a series of novels.

Keep up the super reading efforts over the half term holidays Year 6 and we will see you all in one weeks time!

Happy holiday! 🙂




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