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Recently, Year Six have been learning about Black History Month and the Civil Rights Movement, which helped bring about equality for all, no matter the colour of their skin.

Macie has completed a fantastic piece of writing about Rosa Parks, who was one of the most inspirational people from this time…

You can read more of our fantastic writing in our ‘Writing Corner’. Just click on the tab above and read away!

Rosa Parks by Macie

Brave, fearless, determined – Rosa Parks stood up for her own rights and didn’t let anyone take her seat. Have you ever dreamed of being as amazing as her? Well, Rosa fulfilled that dream. Not only did she stand up for herself; she stood up for making the world a better place.

As the snow fell, Rosa McCauley came into the world on the 4th February 1913. She was born in America and, as a child, she became aware that people were treated differently because of the colour of their skin.

As a child, Rosa Louise McCauley began to notice that black people were kept apart from white people; in many buildings, they had to use different entrances. At the bus stop, black people had to stand in a line while the white people sat and waited on a bench. Rosa followed these unfair rules and she never made a fuss. Well, not until…

Tired and exhausted, fed up and fatigued, Rosa was on her daily commute, travelling home on the bus. A white male got on the bus and demanded that Rosa give up her seat. But she refused! Would you have done the same?

After this incident, she was arrested and fined $10. Parks’ bravery and her arrest acted as a catalyst for many peaceful protests and inspired others. Furthermore, black and white people boycotted the bus service for 381 days. Slowly but surely, people began to stand up for equality.

By refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus, Rosa Parks helped initiate the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. If she hadn’t stood up for herself, if she hadn’t been so brave, if she didn’t fight for equal rights, then the law against racism might not exist.


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Explore Learning Workshop: Persuasive Writing

You may remember from this time last year, we were visited by the Explore Learning Team who ran a really interesting workshop all on persuasive writing? Well, Explore Learning are back and this new group of Year Sixes are equally excited to get stuck in to some persuasive writing.

Come back later to see the final results of our persuasive writing workshop!

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Writing, writing and… more writing!

Flaming, flying, whizzing – all our Year Sixes’ fingers are worn out with all the writing they’ve been doing recently. What with trips, workshops and exciting topics, we’ve had lots to write about.

Keep checking our ‘Writing Page’ to see the latest updates. All you have to do it click the tab at the top of this page!

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* Star Writers Alert *

Congratulations to our two newest Star Writers. They really impressed all the Year Six staff with their recent newspaper article – all about The Three Little Pigs!

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Star Writers

IMG_1834.JPGCongratulations to our two newest Star Writers from Quartz and Opal classes. Their Chinese New Year stories were fantastically written and full of wonderful detail – watch this space as their writing is soon to appear in our ‘Writing Corner’.


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Writing Corner

Some of our most recent pieces of writing are now appearing in our ‘Writing Corner’. Just click the tab above and read away…

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Opal Class Star Writer

Keep a look out on our blog for this Star Writer’s excellent descriptive piece on ‘The Piano’…



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Explore Learning Literacy Workshop

“Last week, we had a special lesson about how to make a persuasive booklet all about the Alps and the extreme sports you can do there. We even had a look at other holiday brochures to get ideas, before we had a go at writing one of our own.” – Blake, Quartz Class.


“When we were doing our persuasive writing, it was all about the different sports you could do at the Alps e.g. you could go skiing, snowboarding, skating etc… It was really fun because we got to cut out pictures and stick them on our sheets, before making them into our own brochure.” – Tiana, Quartz Class.

IT WAS AMAZING! I really enjoyed this activity because we learned the different techniques of persuasive writing, in order to make our own brochure. I also learned there in a place in France called the Alps – I’d love for Explore Learning to come back and see us again!” – Demi, Opal Class.



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‘Coming Home’ by Michael Morpurgo

“Coming home is a fantastically emotional and exciting short story by Michael Morpurgo. Peaceful and wintry, interesting and memorable, it’s the gentle story about a robin who is desperately battling to get back to ‘her’ (his lady robin). Bravely, the robin faces a very tough journey: he gets attacked by a hawk; crashed about by waves and constantly tries to keep his wings beating. When he eventually reaches home, both him and his lady robin peacefully share a bird cake. What a lovely story!” – Tiana

Does this story seem familiar? Perhaps you’ve noticed a recent Christmas advert that also features a simple robin undertaking a dangerous journey…

Not only has Waitrose teamed up with Michael Morpurgo to design, write and produce their Christmas advert. They’ve also created a whole series of activities for school children to take part in and have produced a video of Michael Morpurgo doing a dramatic reading of his short story. Have a watch of the video below and keep posted for other ‘Coming Home’ activities:





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Coming Home – The Storm at Sea by Tamzin

Dark clouds started to fill the sky as the waves began to grow and climb on top of each other. Little droplets turned into dollops of water. They fell on my wings, weakening them, sending them worse. I carried on, knowing she was waiting for me, for me to come to her. Waves tried to snatch me out of the sky, to gobble me up. If only I set off earlier, if only the hawk hadn’t attacked me, if only I hadn’t rested, then I wouldn’t have been taken through this life-threatening journey. Like battling soldiers, the waves crashed against each other. Some would have given up; others (like me) wouldn’t give up that easily.

By Tamzin – Quartz Class

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