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ESCAL Spelling Workshop

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Yesterday afternoon, Year Six were visited by some wonderful ladies from ESCAL. What is ESCAL you say? Important, special, clever – ESCAL stands for ‘Every Sheffield Child is Articulate and Literate’.

The aim of yesterday’s workshop was to encourage the development of our spelling abilities, as well as teach us some new strategies to help both spell unknown words and learn them!

We had a great time – the activities were SPELLTASTIC!

Some of us had to work out how many CLAPTASTIC syllables were in words, then spell them correctly; others had to spell different homophones. Each challenge came with the opportunity to win points for our teams: we loved it!

Here are some comments that the Year Sixes had to make on the ESCAL Workshop:

“Thank you for coming – I loved learning a lot of spellings. My favourite part was the ‘clapping syllables’ challenge”. – Katie

“Thank you for helping us spell longer words. Even though there were fun games, they helped us learn a lot more things.” – Scott

“I hope you come again and teach us more about spelling” – Lucyanne

“My favourite workshop activity was the contractions game. It was really fun and it made us use our brains”. – Crystal

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Explore Learning Workshop: Persuasive Writing

You may remember from this time last year, we were visited by the Explore Learning Team who ran a really interesting workshop all on persuasive writing? Well, Explore Learning are back and this new group of Year Sixes are equally excited to get stuck in to some persuasive writing.

Come back later to see the final results of our persuasive writing workshop!

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World War II Workshop by Scott

Confused, puzzled, scared – I was very excited to find out what we were doing in the hall, until he started shouting, then I was nervous. Andy Messer (who was a local author) worked with us on a World War II workshop. Some people were happy about it; others (like myself) were very scared. Each person was ordered to come to the front to do a hilarious action. My action was silly: I had to slither around the room like a snake. People were asking, who is this mysterious man? Eventually, we all found out that he was our WWII leader for the day. The main purpose of the activity was to understand how it would have felt to be evacuated.

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Andy Messer Workshop

What an AMAZING day Year Six had yesterday! Andy Messer, the fantastic author and story teller, spent the whole day running a workshop with Year Six all about WWII.

Fascinating and clever, fun and exciting, Andy made learning about WWII really interesting by making us feel as though we were actually there.

Firstly, we pretended that we were children being evacuated from the city to the countryside. We were all given a number and a shape (which turned out to not mean anything) and asked to partner up. Next, we had to discussed with our partners how we would feel if we were actually being evacuated.

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After break, we came back upstairs to classrooms and talked about the different sounds you could hear during the war. We talked about the different planes and tanks that the Germans and the British had and whether or not it was easy to identify which was which by just listening. Actually, it’s really really difficult. Just listen to the videos below and see if you can tell which is which…

Later on in the day, we were given a secret mission by Andy. Our job was to help protect the British Army by destroying some of the German tanks and other supplies.

We had ‘paper plate’ bombs which had a 1 minute time delay, so it was really important that we got in and out as quickly as possible. However, our mission wasn’t as simple as it seems because there was a German soldier on lookout with his torch. If his torch was shining on you, you had to be as silent and as still as possible so he didn’t shoot you! If was really exciting, if a little difficult.

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One of our last tasks for the day was to look at two pictures of a countryside scene and a city scene during the Second World War. We had to discuss the main differences between the two images which sparked a heated discussion about whether it was better to be evacuated to the countryside or stay in the city.

We had such a brilliant day – thanks Andy!IMG_1770

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Children’s University Filming

We have some budding actors in both Year Six classes this year and some of those children had a chance to show off some of their skills at a photo shoot/filming session for Children’s University last week.

Check out some of the wonderful photos that were taken: don’t our children look great in their Graduation Ceremony caps and gowns?





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What a beautiful day for a story…

Year Six are even luckier than usual today. Normally, we enjoy Mr Seiczkarek’s company on a Tuesday and Thursday for story time but today is extra special! Currently, we’re outside, in the sunshine, listening to the next few chapters of Wuthering Heights… bliss!

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KS2 RNLI Assembly

Year Six, along with the rest of KS2, are currently sat in an assembly delivered by the RNLI. Check back later to find out what we learned…


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Story Time

Year Six absolutely love their Tuesday and Thursday afternoons because Mr Sieczkarek likes to pay us a visit and read us a story. Currently, we’re delighted to be listening to the story of Wuthering Heights – one of our favourites so far!


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Childline Assembly

This morning, in keeping with the theme of this week – ‘Safety’ – we were visited by a representative from Childline.

Childline is an important organization who offer vital advice for child who may be experiencing a variety of hardships in their life and/or in their own home.

“Childline is yours – a free, private and confidential service where you can be you. Whatever your worry, whenever you need help, however you want to get in touch. We’re here for you online, on the phone, anytime.” – The Childline Website

You can call Childline for free on 0800 1111.


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