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Children’s University Filming

We have some budding actors in both Year Six classes this year and some of those children had a chance to show off some of their skills at a photo shoot/filming session for Children’s University last week.

Check out some of the wonderful photos that were taken: don’t our children look great in their Graduation Ceremony caps and gowns?





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What a beautiful day for a story…

Year Six are even luckier than usual today. Normally, we enjoy Mr Seiczkarek’s company on a Tuesday and Thursday for story time but today is extra special! Currently, we’re outside, in the sunshine, listening to the next few chapters of Wuthering Heights… bliss!

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KS2 RNLI Assembly

Year Six, along with the rest of KS2, are currently sat in an assembly delivered by the RNLI. Check back later to find out what we learned…


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Story Time

Year Six absolutely love their Tuesday and Thursday afternoons because Mr Sieczkarek likes to pay us a visit and read us a story. Currently, we’re delighted to be listening to the story of Wuthering Heights – one of our favourites so far!


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Childline Assembly

This morning, in keeping with the theme of this week – ‘Safety’ – we were visited by a representative from Childline.

Childline is an important organization who offer vital advice for child who may be experiencing a variety of hardships in their life and/or in their own home.

“Childline is yours – a free, private and confidential service where you can be you. Whatever your worry, whenever you need help, however you want to get in touch. We’re here for you online, on the phone, anytime.” – The Childline Website

You can call Childline for free on 0800 1111.


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Gymnastics @ Prince


Over the past few weeks, the Year Sixes have been lucky enough to receive gymnastics lessons in their weekly PE session from the wonderful Rachel. She’s taught us all about the nine different gymnastic shapes; tuck, straddle, star, pike, the bowl, side support, front support and back support – wow! Some shapes are easy to make (like star); others (like the bowl) are really difficult to keep going.

Check out some of the fantastic work we have been doing in these pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Judo Challenge…

Last week, all KS2 classes in Prince Edward School were privileged to receive a short judo lesson, taught by a professional judo instructor who visited our school. Strong, talented, clever – we were taught some basic judo moves, as well as how to block attacks from opponents. It was great fun and we learnt a lot in a short time and we got to try on some proper judo clothing as well!

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*Update* Chinese Dragon

imageTowards the end of last year, Year Six took part in a fantastic art project to create a Chinese Dragon, which would be ready to display in time for Chinese New Year 2017. Well, rather excitingly, the dragon is now on display proudly and for all to see on the Yellow Staircase in Prince Edward School.

Year Six are so proud of their creation and would like to thank the wonderful artists from ‘Artboat’ who helped us create such a masterpiece!

You can even check out some of Artboat’s other work on their own blog, in particular, their section, ‘Prince Edward School Residency’:

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Explore Learning Literacy Workshop

“Last week, we had a special lesson about how to make a persuasive booklet all about the Alps and the extreme sports you can do there. We even had a look at other holiday brochures to get ideas, before we had a go at writing one of our own.” – Blake, Quartz Class.


“When we were doing our persuasive writing, it was all about the different sports you could do at the Alps e.g. you could go skiing, snowboarding, skating etc… It was really fun because we got to cut out pictures and stick them on our sheets, before making them into our own brochure.” – Tiana, Quartz Class.

IT WAS AMAZING! I really enjoyed this activity because we learned the different techniques of persuasive writing, in order to make our own brochure. I also learned there in a place in France called the Alps – I’d love for Explore Learning to come back and see us again!” – Demi, Opal Class.



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