Times Tables

In the run up to SATs, the Year Sixes are competeing in a daily times tables challenge – 150 times tables in just 3 1/2 minutes.

Mr Sieczkarek and Miss Senior, who aren’t competitive at all, decided to take part yesterday!

But guess what? Neither of them were top of the leader board!

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Mathematicians of the Week

Congratulations to our two newest Mathematicians of the Week in Opal & Quartz classes. What an excellent end to a fast-paced week!

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Verb Workshop


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Let’s Celebrate 100% Attendance!

Congratulations to all the Year Six pupils below who achieved 100% Attendance last Half Term. What an achievement! Let’s see if we can make these lists even longer for this Half Term…

Period:     28/02/2017 to 07/04/2017


Name Reg % Attend
Logan Y6 QUARTZ 100
Skye Y6 QUARTZ 100
Jack Y6 QUARTZ 100
Charley-Mae Y6 QUARTZ 100
Summer Y6 QUARTZ 100
Nahom Y6 QUARTZ 100
Coben Y6 QUARTZ 100
Blake Y6 QUARTZ 100
Carina Y6 QUARTZ 100
Tamzin Y6 QUARTZ 100
Lacey Y6 QUARTZ 100
Tyler (Y6 QUARTZ) 100
Cody Y6 QUARTZ 100
Harry Y6 QUARTZ 100
Period:     28/02/2017 to 07/04/2017


Name Reg % Attend
Majida Y6 OPAL 100
Kelsie Y6 OPAL 100
Katie Y6 OPAL 100
Lucy Y6 OPAL 100
Cole Y6 OPAL 100
Reagan Y6 OPAL 100
Mellica Y6 OPAL 100
Nathan Y6 OPAL 100
Red Y6 OPAL 100
Ebony Y6 OPAL 100
Angeliki Y6 OPAL 100
Obed Y6 OPAL 100
Jamie Y6 OPAL 100
Feaven Y6 OPAL 100
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Newsletter Alert!

Year Six’s latest Class Newsletter is now available to read on our ‘Newsletters’ Page.

Just click the ‘Newsletters’ tab above and read away!

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Easter Extravaganza!

“The bouncy castle was the best day at Easter Extravaganza because it was great fun and we had the opportunity to compete against other people in races.” – Benji.

“The inflatable obstacle course was brilliant. We had to climb walls and dodge things, while racing our friends. Baking was good as well because I really like doing it – I sometimes get to bake at my nannan’s so it’s nice to do it at school too!” – Coben.

“I enjoyed doing different activities, especially baking. We made Bird’s Nest buns which were super yummy! It’s nice to be away from home during the holidays and getting to do things with my friends at school.” – Jessica.

“What have I enjoyed about Easter Extravaganza? Everything! Particularly, the inflatable assault course, pizza day, the general knowledge quiz (even though my team didn’t win) and getting to eat breakfast in our classroom – it was really nice!” – Charley-Mae

“This week has gone so quickly – we’ve had so much fun. I can’t believe its Thursday already!” – Jack

“Easter Extravaganza is fantastic – in fact ‘egg-citing’. SPaG/Maths rounders was really fun because, most of the time, I got the ball to fly across the hall. I also liked the Sheffield Steelers visit and I even got an autograph from a real Sheffield Steelers player.” – Blake.

“The bouncy castle was obviously the best part of Easter Extravaganza: we got to compete against our friends and just mess about for a bit. I liked Learning Rounders because we had to answer SPaG and numeracy questions while having fun playing rounders.” – Tiana

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Super Steelers @ Easter Extravaganza!

Amazing and fun, cool and exciting; we were joined by Jase and Dan from Sheffield Steelers today. All the children were given the chance to experience an expert hockey training session and meet a professional ice hockey player. We would like to say a huge thank you to The Steelers for the incredible  prizes that each child won: they are fantastic!

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Easter Extravaganza

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The Easter Extravaganza got off to a ‘bounce-tastic’  start today with many activities including: the inflatable obstacle course from @bouncycastles44 on Twitter; SPaG and Maths activities and Easter baking! We can’t  wait to see everyone again tomorrow! 🐣🐔

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Low Ropes

Again, some people might think that low ropes would be easy. In fact, a few of us did think that… at first!

Low ropes is a deceptively and devilishly tricky activity which requires team work, concentration and excellent balance. Even though you’re closer to the ground, it’s still just as easy – in fact more so – to fall off and end up on the floor.

Not only do you have to carefully travel around this course (made of ropes and wires) but the challenge doesn’t end there. Some children had to carry round a bean bag on a spoon, balanced on their head; others had to negotiate the course blindfolded, with only a loyal partner to help them. Easy? Think again. Fun? Definitely.


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Shelter Building

So many of the Year Six pupils have enjoyed the creativity and skill required for this activity. You need the ability to not only visualise the end product before you’ve even started building it, but you must also be able to create a secure structure using only what nature provides.

Dirty and muddy, filthy yet fun, we’re all enjoying the freedom to build our own special and unique shelter using only what we can find in amongst the trees.

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