*Prom Night*

What an amazing night we had on Tuesday! Glamorous, exciting, wonderful – we had a brilliant time. Everyone enjoyed the food and the music, as well as the chance to dress up in their best clothes. It was a really special event to recognise the end of our time at Prince Edward.

“I enjoyed the Prom: I was glad to see all of my friends again. It was very fun and everybody was taking selfies. Everyone had a good night and some people even went on a party bus afterwards.” – Katie.

“Fantastic, tremendous, excellent – I enjoyed the Prom because I got to meet all of my friends and danced with them. I also liked dressing up in my smart suit. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed going on the party bus afterwards: we were all dancing, singing and chatting.” – Obed.


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“Amazingly, I really enjoyed prom: it was a very good night and I even got to see my friends again who have moved to Springs. We had lots of good fun dancing to music and eating the yummy buffet. I wasn’t surprised who the Prom Queen was – she looked really nice – but it was a little surprised who was voted as Prom King. Overall, it was a great night!” – Lacey.

“On the night of the Prom, we had a really nice buffet and a party: it was awesome! However, I was also sad because I love my friends and I don’t want to leave them but I can ring my friends and visit them. The Prom was a great way to say goodbye.” – Jamie.

“I really enjoyed Prom because it was a great way to end the school year: we had fun but also it was a brilliant way to say goodbye.” – Mellica.


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image.jpgA massive congratulations to our newest winner of a highly sought-after pen licence!

She has worked incredibly hard to improve her handwriting over the last year and has well and truly earned her award.



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Bugsy Malone

Well, it’s nearly performance day!

Sorry it’s been a little quiet in Year Six lately: we’ve been spending every spare SECOND creating, preparing and rehearsing for our Year Six production of Bugsy Malone!

Bugsy Malone

Excited, nervous, exhilarated – yesterday, Year Six finally got the chance to show their wonderful performance to a captivated audience. We were so pleased that all our hard work came together in the end and that everyone enjoyed the show.

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Year Six cannot wait to perform for parents, family and friends on Wednesday and Thursday night, this week. We hope that you can make it! You can still pick up tickets today – just come and see us in the hall after school this afternoon.





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Environment Week

This week is extra special throughout Prince Edward School, not only because it’s the last week of half term, but also because it’s Environment Week!

What is Environment Week?

Lets ask some Year Sixes what they think Environment Week is all about…

Majida – “It could be helpful because more children will know about pollution and can help change it.”

“It talks about pollution which is important to learn about because it affects animals as well as the world.” – Nathan

“Environment Week is to teach us how to make our environment a better place and to stop things like littering.” – Ebony

“We need to learn about the environment so children understand how important trees and plants are to our planet.” – Louie

But what do we do in Environment Week?

Some children have been outside on a nature walk and gardening in Year Six; others have been learning about endangered animals. Meanwhile, in Year Four, we’ve had the opportunity to make bird feeders and, in Year Three, we’ve been learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy – who specialises in natural art – and creating some of our own artistic pieces.


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The entire Year Six Team would like to wish our wonderful Year Sixes many, many well-deserved congratulations on all their hard-work and effort over the past few days.

It’s safe to say you have blown us all away with how well you have done this week – you’ve proven to everyone just how determined, diligent and astounding you all are.

As a reward, the Year Sixes are currently taking part in a fun-filled morning of sport and activities (inside due to the weather). We hope you enjoy this time to just relax and have fun!


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A short message…

Just a short message of support for all of our wonderful Year Six pupils…

Dear Year Six,

Your hard-work, perseverance and effort over the past few weeks, if not months, has been truly admirable. We – the Year Six staff – are confident that you will shine during next week’s SATs exams and will prove to everyone just how special a year group you are.

Take time this weekend to relax, get some good night’s sleep, rest those weary brains and prepare for the week ahead – we know that you will do us proud!

Good luck with your SATs exams, you’ve all worked so hard and you deserve every success – we know that you will do your very best.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Six Team


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Mathematicians of the Week

Congratulations to our two newest Mathematicians of the Week in Opal & Quartz classes. What an excellent end to a fast-paced week!

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Let’s Celebrate 100% Attendance!

Congratulations to all the Year Six pupils below who achieved 100% Attendance last Half Term. What an achievement! Let’s see if we can make these lists even longer for this Half Term…

Period:     28/02/2017 to 07/04/2017


Name Reg % Attend
Logan Y6 QUARTZ 100
Skye Y6 QUARTZ 100
Jack Y6 QUARTZ 100
Charley-Mae Y6 QUARTZ 100
Summer Y6 QUARTZ 100
Nahom Y6 QUARTZ 100
Coben Y6 QUARTZ 100
Blake Y6 QUARTZ 100
Carina Y6 QUARTZ 100
Tamzin Y6 QUARTZ 100
Lacey Y6 QUARTZ 100
Tyler (Y6 QUARTZ) 100
Cody Y6 QUARTZ 100
Harry Y6 QUARTZ 100
Period:     28/02/2017 to 07/04/2017


Name Reg % Attend
Majida Y6 OPAL 100
Kelsie Y6 OPAL 100
Katie Y6 OPAL 100
Lucy Y6 OPAL 100
Cole Y6 OPAL 100
Reagan Y6 OPAL 100
Mellica Y6 OPAL 100
Nathan Y6 OPAL 100
Red Y6 OPAL 100
Ebony Y6 OPAL 100
Angeliki Y6 OPAL 100
Obed Y6 OPAL 100
Jamie Y6 OPAL 100
Feaven Y6 OPAL 100
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Newsletter Alert!

Year Six’s latest Class Newsletter is now available to read on our ‘Newsletters’ Page.

Just click the ‘Newsletters’ tab above and read away!

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Children’s University Filming

We have some budding actors in both Year Six classes this year and some of those children had a chance to show off some of their skills at a photo shoot/filming session for Children’s University last week.

Check out some of the wonderful photos that were taken: don’t our children look great in their Graduation Ceremony caps and gowns?





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