My Thoughts on Year 6 by Carina

I have enjoyed Year 6 because I’ve simply had loads of fun. When I first moved into Y6, I was nervous but I still thought it would be fun. My favourite trip was definitely when we went to Kingswood and Crucial crew: at Kingswood, I got to face my fears. My favourite activities were the 3G Swing and Jacobs Ladder because they challenged me the most.

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Trip To Kingswood – By Cody

On March 27 2017, we set off to go to  Kingswood. The activities made me more confident and I overcame my fear of heights. The 3G swing, which was 45ft high, dropped a person from a great height but then it was a calm drift for the rest of the time. The Leap Of Faith is something that needs to be tried by everyone. You climb up a wooden pole and then you jump and try to reach a trapeze high in the air. I jumped and caught it with one hand! There are a LOT more activities at Kingswood but these are, in my opinion, the best activities.

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Low Ropes

Again, some people might think that low ropes would be easy. In fact, a few of us did think that… at first!

Low ropes is a deceptively and devilishly tricky activity which requires team work, concentration and excellent balance. Even though you’re closer to the ground, it’s still just as easy – in fact more so – to fall off and end up on the floor.

Not only do you have to carefully travel around this course (made of ropes and wires) but the challenge doesn’t end there. Some children had to carry round a bean bag on a spoon, balanced on their head; others had to negotiate the course blindfolded, with only a loyal partner to help them. Easy? Think again. Fun? Definitely.


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Shelter Building

So many of the Year Six pupils have enjoyed the creativity and skill required for this activity. You need the ability to not only visualise the end product before you’ve even started building it, but you must also be able to create a secure structure using only what nature provides.

Dirty and muddy, filthy yet fun, we’re all enjoying the freedom to build our own special and unique shelter using only what we can find in amongst the trees.

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The 3G Swing

Thrilling, terrifying, exhilarating – the 3G Swing is the ultimate challenge at Kingswood.

Not only are you lifted high into the sky (so you can see right to the horizon), you’re also dropped to the ground at a petrifying speed. It seems as though your toes sweep the gravel below before you’re swung back up towards to bright, blue sky like a plane taking off.

It doesn’t matter how high you go – the 3G Swing requires an immense amount of bravery.

Kingswood 22


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You might think that archery isn’t as exciting an activity as the likes of the zip wire or 3G swing but archery requires a level of skill, perseverance and accuracy that no other activity can match.

It’s not just about pointing and shooting, you have to think about: the direction and strength of the wind; the distance between you and your target; your body position; how far back to pull the arrow and how high to shoot the arrow.

Without doubt, everyone has improved at this activity and we’re really enjoying learning a new skill!

Kingswood 29

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Jacob’s Ladder

Team work. Team work. Team work. Why is it important?

Well… it builds relationships; strengthens friendships; improves confidence; develops people-skills; proves loyalties and creates bonds between individuals.

At Kingswood, the children aren’t just here to have fun, (although this is an important element of the experience) we are here to learn and develop new skills – team work being one of the main objectives of nearly all of these activities.

Whether it’s undertaking a trust exercise, building something together as a team or working with a partner towards a shared goal, Kingswood is encouraging us to work together.

Jacob’s Ladder is impossible without team work. Your challenge is to provide physical and mental support to a partner while you both climb increasingly higher on a ladder fit for a giant. Scary? Yes. Exciting? YES! Impossible? Never.

Here we are working together in our pairs to see how far we can go.

Not only are our team working skills improving by the minute, we’re also learning just what we’re physically and mentally capable of.

The answer? A lot more than we first thought.

It doesn’t matter how high we get, it’s all about team work

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The Leap of Faith

Putting faith in yourself and your own abilities is one of the hardest tasks a person, let alone a child, must undertake. The Leap of Faith is one such challenge. You must believe in yourself; that you can reach your goal while placing complete faith and trust in the person below you, holding your life in their hands.

One of the most impressive feats that Year Six are undertaking at Kingswood is the Leap of Faith. A challenge which requires energy, trust, perseverance and bravery – all qualities which every single child in Year Six has with abundance. We are pushing ourselves to the limit and breaking all boundaries that we once thought we had!

Here we are before, during and after this activity – check out those proud smiles!

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Bring on the wall!!!

Today, some children are attempting to abseil down a sheer cliff face – well – a vertical, wooden wall but it’s just as challenging!

Here we are taking on the wall…

Kingswood 9Despite feeling pretty terrified, Year Six are all pushing their limits and facing their fears – (most of us) with a smile!

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Kingswood Activities

Here at Kingswood, there are many MANY exciting activities that you can challenge yourself to do. These are just a small selection of the kinds of things we have been doing:

  • Leap of Faith
  • High All Aboard
  • Zip Line
  • Fire Lighting
  • Fencing
  • Shelter Building
  • Archery
  • Mini Olympics
  • Climbing
  • 3G Swing

AND loads more….

Some people thought that the 3G Swing was the most exciting activity; others enjoyed the challenge involved with fire lighting – it’s not as easy as it seems!

Today is another day of fantastically fun activities, including the Nightline tonight. Stay tuned for even more.


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