Walk like an Egyptian… *Updated*


“On Wednesday, Year 6 were learning about a new topic about the Egyptians.  I thought that it was going to be a really really good topic because I have been to Egypt before and thought learning about all the pyramids their life (hundreds and hundreds of years ago) would be quite interesting.

So, on Wednesday afternoon, we came in from lunch and Miss Hall began explaining what our new topic was going to be. Then, our task was to design an Egyptian mask in out sketch book. Excitingly, in a few weeks, when we finish our mask designs, we are going to make our masks out of clay.”  – Benji



“Today, we did something really fun; we did a workshop on the Egyptians. We worked in groups of 5 and we learnt loads of new stuff. For example, that dead people would be mummified and that the Egyptians loved cats and hated dogs. Some people might think the bodies would rot; others (like the Egyptians) knew that they would be preserved.” – Charley-Mae

9/6/17 – Check us out ‘Walking like Egyptians’ (or trying to) while playing Sticky Fingers today!


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Environment Week

This week is extra special throughout Prince Edward School, not only because it’s the last week of half term, but also because it’s Environment Week!

What is Environment Week?

Lets ask some Year Sixes what they think Environment Week is all about…

Majida – “It could be helpful because more children will know about pollution and can help change it.”

“It talks about pollution which is important to learn about because it affects animals as well as the world.” – Nathan

“Environment Week is to teach us how to make our environment a better place and to stop things like littering.” – Ebony

“We need to learn about the environment so children understand how important trees and plants are to our planet.” – Louie

But what do we do in Environment Week?

Some children have been outside on a nature walk and gardening in Year Six; others have been learning about endangered animals. Meanwhile, in Year Four, we’ve had the opportunity to make bird feeders and, in Year Three, we’ve been learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy – who specialises in natural art – and creating some of our own artistic pieces.


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Light Experiment Day

Year Six are having a fantastic day taking part in lots of science experiments all about… light!

“I loved this lesson. Science is one of my favourite subjects. I learnt that a transparent coloured object (a blue bottle) will make a blue shadow!” Blake – Y6 Quartz.


“We had to do an experiment about light today and I worked with Louie. We had to predict whether the distance between the light and the object had an impact on the size of the shadow created. We predicted that the shadow would become larger, the closer to the object the light source became… And we were right!” – Red, Year Six Opal.


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Scientists of the Day!

Congratulations to our newest ‘Scientists of the Day’!


Here’s what we’ve been up to in Science today…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The Big Bad News

In Literacy, we’ve been developing our own traditional tales – with a twist! Check out this News Broadcast created by some of our less camera shy Year Sixes.

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Scientist of the Day

Congratulations to our first ever Scientist of the Day! She has shown excellent enthusiasm, concentration and interest during her science work today – well done!

Scientist of the Day.JPG

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It’s Time for Science!

Light, light, light! Did you know that the Sun, fires and lamps are all sources of light? Mirrors and other objects reflect light. They do not make their own light.


Year Six have started a new topic today – Light!

Over the next two days, we’re going to learn all about: sources of light; how we see; how light travels and complete a series of ‘light’ experiments.

First, we discussed what we already know about light and what we’d like to learn. Here we are filling in our tables:

Then, we walked around the classroom and corridor, reading all the light facts that we could see. Afterwards, we had a go at ‘Sticky Fingers’ and shared all the facts we’d learned.

Once we’d shared our facts, we took part in a quick quiz all about light. We’ll have another go at the end of this topic, to see how much we’ve learned.

Now it was time to complete some experiments. Some people were researching light in text books from the library; others were experimenting with light, mirrors, torches and shadows.

Later on, we came back together to watch a quick video about how light travels in a straight line and completed some diagrams which showed how we see light. The light travels from the source, then reflects off the object and into the person’s eyes so they can see the object.

Once we’d completed that task, we started to learn about the human eye and how the eye functions. We learned all about the different parts of the eye and Mr Sieczkarek came in and taught us how the eye allows us to see!


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Safety Week

This week, at Prince Edward School, is Safety Week. What is Safety Week? And why is safety so important?

Safety Week teaches children not only how to be safe themselves but also how to keep others safe and in different, potentially life-threatening scenarios. The Year Fives and Sixes have joined forces for a series of different workshops, covering all aspects of safety such as: Fire Safety, Safety in the Home, Safety on the Road, Safety in Relationships and E-Safety. Each workshop has taught children how to stay safe in these situations, as well as what to do if a difficult or challenging scenario should happen to them.

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*Update* Chinese Dragon

imageTowards the end of last year, Year Six took part in a fantastic art project to create a Chinese Dragon, which would be ready to display in time for Chinese New Year 2017. Well, rather excitingly, the dragon is now on display proudly and for all to see on the Yellow Staircase in Prince Edward School.

Year Six are so proud of their creation and would like to thank the wonderful artists from ‘Artboat’ who helped us create such a masterpiece!

You can even check out some of Artboat’s other work on their own blog, in particular, their section, ‘Prince Edward School Residency’:

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Christmas Conference

During the last week of term, Year Six have taken part in a very special Christmas Conference. Excitedly, our task was to create an iMovie about a specific country and their Christmas traditions. Here are all the movies we created:






Costa Rica











The Netherlands










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