Trampolining Fun @ Springs

Last week, Opal Class had the amazing opportunity to visit Springs Academy and have a go at trampolining. Bouncy, energetic, fun – this ‘extreme’ sport is actually more difficult than it looks. It requires balance, perseverance and concentration. We had so much fun and we can’t wait to have another go next week.

Just check out these photos… (it was a little tricky to take photos as everyone was bouncing SO HIGH but you get the idea).

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Trampolining Fun!

Year Six have really enjoyed the opportunity to visit Springs Academy over the last few weeks, so that they could take part in trampolining sessions.

Here we are learning how to do a front drop yesterday…

We’ve also been taught how to do a back drop…

Amazingly, we even got the chance to start learning how to do a forwards somersault!




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Trampolining at Springs Academy

Year Six are really enjoying going to Springs Academy for their trampolining sessions – even Miss Hall and Mrs Carnall were convinced to have a go this week!

Keep an eye out on our blog for more photos and videos of our trampolining excursions to Springs.


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Trampolining @ Springs

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Bramall Lane PSHE Trip

Read all about our recent trip to Sheffield United on our ‘Y6 Trips’ page… Just click the tab above!


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Gymnastics @ Prince


Over the past few weeks, the Year Sixes have been lucky enough to receive gymnastics lessons in their weekly PE session from the wonderful Rachel. She’s taught us all about the nine different gymnastic shapes; tuck, straddle, star, pike, the bowl, side support, front support and back support – wow! Some shapes are easy to make (like star); others (like the bowl) are really difficult to keep going.

Check out some of the fantastic work we have been doing in these pictures:

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Judo Challenge…

Last week, all KS2 classes in Prince Edward School were privileged to receive a short judo lesson, taught by a professional judo instructor who visited our school. Strong, talented, clever – we were taught some basic judo moves, as well as how to block attacks from opponents. It was great fun and we learnt a lot in a short time and we got to try on some proper judo clothing as well!

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Sports Award

imageProud, amazed, delighted – Year Six were very excited to hear that one of our own pupils has been scouted by Sheffield Boys Football Club. Little did we know, football scouts were present at the latest Y6 Football Tournament at Springs Academy last week. This particular pupil really impressed the scouts, who said that he was good at putting the opposing team under pressure, as well as communicating with his fellow team mates. As such, he has been awarded the Prince Edward Sports Award – well done!!!



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BMX Biking Experience

“On Monday 9th January, a large group of Year Sixes, including me, had the opportunity to travel all the way to The National Cycling Centre and visit their super-cool BMX Biking Track. We all went on a minibus with Mr Malkin and Mrs Carnall from Prince Edward to Manchester. When we arrived, we all went up to the track and sat down to eat lunch – it looked so scary! When the time came to go down onto the BMX track, we met a lady called Sian. She was the coach who gave us all knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and helmets for our protection. At first we needed some training, then we went out onto the track!” – Catelin, Opal Class.

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“At the BMX biking track, there was a coach who taught us all the skills we needed to go over the bumps. Amazing, fantastic, fabulous – we actually saw the professional veldrome where lots of people were cycling at all different speeds. When we went on the bumps, I was terrified but, once I got going, it was actually quite fun.” – Reagan, Opal Class.

“On an indoor BMX track, there are different heights of humps: ones which are low but fast and ones which are high but slow. British BMX Olympians train at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester – we even got to see some of them practise! Some Olympians shot off high ramps to gain speed; others practised going over the humps. If you do go BMXing, you should know that you have to stand up because the seats are slanted, but, if you do want to sit down, it’s only when you want a rest.” – Summer, Quartz Class.

On Monday, a few chosen people (like me) went on a trip to the National Cycling Centre in Manchester and we rode BMX bikes on a very bumpy surface. We learned a riding method called ‘pumping’. Pumping was a way to keep your bike stable and fast while going up small or large bumps. We learned one part of the track and then the other. Once we felt confident enough, we had a go on the whole track.” – Cody, Quartz Class.

“I enjoyed going over the BMX humps because you could experience what the famous bikers do. You had to keep your wheels straight while going over the bumps, or you would stop and fly off your bike! We also got to see the actual professional velodrome – it was so cool how they ride sideways because the track is so steep”  – Charley-Mae, Quartz Class.

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