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On this page, you can read some of the best writing pieces created by Year Six…

Year Six 2017/2018

Black History Month Writing


I Have a Dream by Declan (20th November 2017)

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that war will stop.

I have a dream that terrorism will end.

I have a dream the people will live happily together.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that hate will go and never come back.

I have a dream that guns will be destroyed.

I have a dream that happiness will hug everybody in the world.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that racism will stop.

I have a dream that murder will end.

I have a dream that positivity will spread like wild fire.

I have a dream today.

Rosa Parks by Macie

Brave, fearless, determined – Rosa Parks stood up for her own rights and didn’t let anyone take her seat. Have you ever dreamed of being as amazing as her? Well, Rosa fulfilled that dream. Not only did she stand up for herself; she stood up for making the world a better place.

As the snow fell, Rosa McCauley came into the world on the 4th February 1913. She was born in America and, as a child, she became aware that people were treated differently because of the colour of their skin.

As a child, Rosa Louise McCauley began to notice that black people were kept apart from white people; in many buildings, they had to use different entrances. At the bus stop, black people had to stand in a line while the white people sat and waited on a bench. Rosa followed these unfair rules and she never made a fuss. Well, not until…

Tired and exhausted, fed up and fatigued, Rosa was on her daily commute, travelling home on the bus. A white male got on the bus and demanded that Rosa give up her seat. But she refused! Would you have done the same?

After this incident, she was arrested and fined $10. Parks’ bravery and her arrest acted as a catalyst for many peaceful protests and inspired others. Furthermore, black and white people boycotted the bus service for 381 days. Slowly but surely, people began to stand up for equality.

By refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus, Rosa Parks helped initiate the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. If she hadn’t stood up for herself, if she hadn’t been so brave, if she didn’t fight for equal rights, then the law against racism might not exist.

World War Two & Eden Camp Writing

Katie – World War Two (Homework) Writing – 5th October 2017

People hated the war: it was unsafe and people were killed. Some people wanted to go to war (they thought they were just going to join the army); others were evacuated to the countryside. Pregnant women, disabled people and people that couldn’t see also got sent to the countryside. If we didn’t have war, if we didn’t die, if we didn’t have guns, then life would be much easier. This war was bad, bad because of people getting hurt and killed.

Crystal’s World War Two Workshop Recount – 4th October 2017

Confused, puzzled, bewildered – we (Year 6) entered the hall at 9:00am to see a strange man stood at the front of the hall. He was wearing a dark, green army hat. “You boy! Line up here!” He bellowed at Abdi. Some people found this hilarious; others found this petrifying. Wondering what was going on, he (Andy) shouted me over. “Sing a nursery rhyme!” So I did. After singing Ba Ba Black Sheep, he gave the number 3333 and the shape red triangle. 3333 was my new name but the triangle was the group I belonged to .The groups were: triangles, squares, stars and circles. This day taught me how the children get evacuated might feel. Heart broke and miserable, upset and sad, this is probably how they felt when they were getting evacuated.

Evacuation Diary Entry by Tamzin – 3rd October 2017

Sunday 3rd September 1939

Dear Diary,

What a peculiar day! I can barely describe what happened today. Let me tell you.

I woke up this morning thinking it would be a familiar day. Stretching, half-awake, sweaty- I slid out of my fabulous bed, sleep walking to the well tiled bathroom. Once I was ready, I ran down the stairs as fast as a lightning bolt. The smell of crispy bacon and well-done sausages drifted up my nostrils. I gleefully skipped into the kitchen until I saw my Mummy and Daddy shedding tears at the table whispering. I hate whispering.

When my Mummy saw me, she quickly wiped her tears and gave me: 3 times as much bacon, 3 times as much beans, 4 pancakes with honey. What was going on?

At 11:00, my Mummy and Daddy gave me a new teddy, a new mask to wear and a new tag with my name on it so I am feeling quite happy now. At 11:15, we all gathered around the wireless to listen to Mr. Chamberlin’s sorrowful news. “I could tell that everyone else was upset, well except my brother [Arthur]. I was the only one that didn’t know what was going on.

Worried and scared, nervous and anxious, I put my head in my hands, pretending I knew what was happening.

I hope that tomorrow is a better day.

Mary Ward.

WW2 Interview Questions (Homework) – Cayleigh & Macie – 28th September 2017

This week, in our homework, children were asked to write some interview questions that they would like to ask someone who was alive, or perhaps fought, during WW2. Here are some of the best questions that two pupils in Opal Class came up with:

  1. How old were you when you went to fight in the war?
  2. What did you eat and wear during the war?
  3. How often could you write to your family?
  4. Did any of your older family members fight in WWI?
  5. What kept you fighting?
  6. Why did you decide to join the army to fight in the WWII?
  7. Did you receive/earn any medals whilst you were fighting?
  8. How did you pass the time when you weren’t fighting?
  9. How did you feel about WW2 starting?
  10. What part was your role in WW2?
  11. If you had a wife, what role did she play in the war?
  12. Did you get hurt in the war?
  13. Did you kill or injure anybody in the war?
  14. How did you feel when the war ended?
  15. Did you get any flash backs about the war?

Perhaps someone out there reading this blog post might know someone who could answer some of these questions? We’d love to hear from you!

TJ’s World War Two Workshop Recount – 25th September 2017

Andy Messer, who is a local author, visited us (Year 6) yesterday for a workshop about World War 2. He made us crawl like a soldier.

We had a blood-red ‘sticky’ bomb (a paper plate) and our mission was to plant the bomb on a German tank (the bookshelf). When all of my team planted their bombs, there was only me left…

Unfortunately, I failed in my mission because my bomb blew up before I had time to get away: I had been longer than one minute.

I thought I had time to get in and get out.

It was worth a shot!

Saron’s World War Two Workshop Recount – 21st September 2017

Puzzled, bewildered, confused – a fierce looking man ordered us to stand in four, uneven lines. First, he commanded a couple of children to do some odd things. For example, he made some of them dance, sing, march and BLINK?!!? Next, the time came… It was my turn. Anxious and apprehensive, edgy and tense, I thought he would make me do the worst thing. Surprisingly, he just made me clap. What a relief! Anyway, I was with the circles group and my new name was 7234.

By the way, that was just a role-play but, to be honest, it was like being in a real evacuation. The children that were there must have felt REALLY confused.


Year Six 2016/2017

The Unforgettable Race by Charley-Mae

9th February 2017


Many people have wondered how the rat, the most microscopic animal of them all, won the zodiac race. People ask why the dragon didn’t win? The one who can glide in the sky. This is the true story.

Many, many, many years ago, a peaceful, quiet place (called China), full of people, told their story. The Jade Emperor, who ruled the heavens of China, sat in his great, grand throne room. He was dressed in his finest, most expensive ruby robe with nothing to think about while stroking his beard thoughtfully and carefully. Suddenly, his quietness was shattered with a disturbance. It was one of Jade Emperor’s advisers, “Sir, I’m sorry to pester you but the villagers are protesting to see you!”

Dashing to the door, to see a huge crowd of villagers yelling and babbling, the Jade Emperor was gob-smacked. “When were we born? How old am I?” shouted the angry mob. Nobody had a way of tracking time back then. Thinking of ideas, the Jade Emperor was getting a headache with the entire racket that was going on. Strolling back into his throne room, where his glass of green tea was, the Jade Emperor suddenly had an idea, “I’ve got it, I will send letters to thirteen animals and the one who comes first will be served  with the first year named after them. I can send them to the; dragon, monkey, pig, cat,  rabbit, horse, rooster, rat, dog, goat, tiger, ox and snake. Hopefully they’ll come (if not I’ll make a fool of myself).” Through the window, came a huge eagle that would give the animals their letters. He flew back out of the window quickly yet anxiously because he knew the task was important. The invitation said;

At the next moonlight you will meet me at the Yangtze River.

First comes first served.

Meet me at the deepest part of the river.

Hope to see you all.

Jade Emperor

A sunset later, the eagle returned.  Meanwhile, the Jade Emperor was so anxious to see which of the animals would come for the big race.

The next moonlight came, and all the animals where lined up ready to go. Impressed, astonished but also disappointed – everyone came except from the sleepy cat, which had been left behind by the selfish rat. Cheering and yelling, grunting and giddy, all the crowd and animals were ready. Then, GONG! GONG!  The animals set off scrambling and shouting at each other. Sly, cunning, small – the rat sat on the ox’s back all the way through the mud and rapids of the river. The dog however, was paddling peacefully yet slowly, not having a care in the world. The rat, which had a sly yet some might say evil, plan, jumped off the ox’s head and crossed the finish line first! Next, was the poor ox and then the tiger and so on…

Cheering, the rat became the first year of the Chinese zodiac. The order of the animals when they finished was; the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and finally pig. People, who were in the crowd, disagreed with the rat winning (they thought he had cheated) and no one spoke to the rat or congratulated him. The animals were shouting and arguing because they felt the rat had cheated as well. “Enough! The rat has won and that is it. He will have the first year.” bellowed the Jade Emperor. Everyone was satisfied with the years because they now knew when they were born. Each year is a special animal and they all represent a year and a date.

So now you know how the microscopic rat won the Chinese zodiac race. Do you think the rat should’ve won? Or do you think he cheated?


The Story of the Chinese New Year by Kelsie

9th February 2017


Many people have wondered how the mouse won first place in the Chinese Zodiac race. Well this is how it happened!

Annoyed, angry, frustrated – the great and all powerful Jade Emperor was trying to meditate in his temple, when his servant interrupted him. The servant said worriedly, “All the villagers are here and are demanding to see you immediately.” The Emperor came to the mob and shouted, “What are you all doing here?”

They replied by saying, “WE want to know what day it is. What day is it? And what year is it?” Then, he knew what he would do. It was the best idea he had ever had! He was going to send a letter to each animal in the Kingdom. They were going to have a race!

Dear Animal,

You are invited to the best race ever. I will explain all the details when you arrive at my palace on the next full moon. You are going to race so that I can decide what animal is going to be named after the first year!

Yours Sincerely,

 Jade Emperor.

He sent his trusty red, majestic Phoenix to deliver all the letters.

The day was finally here! Fun and amazing, cheerful but crowded, every villager had a banner with their favourite animal. There was lots of cheering: it was like a God had been reborn!

Once all the animals had arrived, the Jade emperor told the animals the rest of the plan .The 1st animal will be named after the first year and so on and so on. Then the race BEGAN!!!!!!

The animals were shoving and pushing each other in the river. Amazingly, the dragon was first but then the pig behind him got injured, so the dragon went back to help the pig. Suddenly, the sly, cheeky, light rat jumped on the ox’s back but, luckily for the rat, the ox didn’t feel anything because the rat was too light! With a magnificent jump, the rat lept off the ox’s head and he won the race. The Jade Emperor wasn’t pleased with the rat winning because he thought the dragon was worthy of the first year. But the rat won the race so the first year is named after the mouse!

Even though the dragon didn’t win the race, people in China celebrate the dragon every year because he was the strongest and he went back to save the pig.

So that is my story of how the rat had won the race and from then onwards the Chinese people could tell the time. Do you think the Jade Emperor should have let the mouse take the first year!

By Kelsie


The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac by Demi

2nd February 2017


Peaceful, tranquil, calm – the elegant man- Jade Emperor – sat on his golden throne; meanwhile he was eating his ripe grapes specially picked for him. His throne was in his Temple, his Temple was on top of the greenest mountain if China surrounded by the river Yangtze. Wandering around, he admired his lovely, lush orchid full of fruits ready for him to demolish.

Dashing into the throne room, the armoured soldier ran into the room saying these words, “I’m so sorry master! There is a huge crowd of villagers shouting really loudly.” Walking with his head held high, his guard led him to his drawbridge. The door opened. He was nearly deafened by the horrendous sound around him. Shouting and bellowing, screeching and yelling, the villagers shrieked “When is my birthday? When was I born? What day is it? How old am I?” Pacing up and down his library, he finally had a light bulb moment (even though they would not have know what one is) He was going to do a swimming race: this would help him with the months of the year. Finishing the invitations, he wrote:

Come to my palace in five

sunrises so we can make

the people happy!

He wrote quickly yet carefully. He told his eagle to send them to these animals: Silky the snake, Hayley the horse, Diesel the dragon, Gilly the goat, Manny the monkey, Poole the panda, Cally the cat and many more animals.

Five sunrises later, the big day came. Some people would’ve been really anxious; others (like the animals) were really energetic and enthusiastic. Register time had come and everyone was here but no panda nor cat. Sadly, Pole was at home being lazy eating her bamboo and Cally the cat was at home sleeping. Getting angry, he declared, “STARTING POSITIONS! LET… THE…RACE… COMMENCE!” Spraying him with water, they all jumped into the sage water and gave Emperor Jade a wet surprise. Like a bullet out of a gun, Tilly the tiger raced off in front but in the corner of Emperor Jade’s eye he saw the devious rat jump on ox’s back. He muttered, “I always knew he was a cheater.”

Finally, the race had come to an end. Standing on top of the platform, he made a clear speech announcing, “In 1st place we have the… Rat! Following on, Ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster and dog. Last but not least the pig. Why did you mess around in that patch of mud? Congratulations to the rat. You are now the first animal of the year!”

Peaceful, tranquil, calm- the wise man sat on his throne elegantly and wisely. Meanwhile, thinking of the amazing years ready ahead. Gleeful, he was light-hearted thinking about all the villages that are celebrating their birthday and now having an amazing life.



The Piano by Lucy

February 2nd 2017


Mournful, empty, lonely- Mark sat tapping on his ivory keys. The piano, which used to be played as a duet, played emotions. Enchanted music flowed around the dark room. Mark glanced around the room; a picture of his wife said it all. As the tune continued, a small tear trickled down his face in sorrow.

Like a dream, his wife appeared by his side which gave him a warm feeling. Slowly, he puts his liver-spotted hand by his side as Eve continued the melody. Loving, Eve kisses her beloved husband peacefully but sadly. With eyes wide open, his wife disappeared in heavens light.”Why did you have to leave me?”Mark exclaimed to himself. Like a disease with no cure, a solemn look took over his face.

Meanwhile, as the up-beat music carried on, a flash back entered his empty mind. War, which is a dreadful place, filled his mind with regrets. Heart-breaking and horrible, full of remorse and thinking, he nodded to his friend yet didn’t think. Feeling guilty, he held his friends hand as he floats away. If he hadn’t nodded, if he thought before doing, if he thought of actions, then regret wouldn’t be a fear.

Returning to reality, he continues to play the soft sounding music. Why was regret a part of his memories? He would love his life; if had one more chance. The room was dark, nothing to be heard yet silent tears trickling down his blank face. His baby-blue eyes opened wide, like a bush baby. Another flashback entered his mind-Why was it happy? He was opening a present. Aaah, it was the hobby horse from his fifth birthday. Looking to his left was the hobby horse. “Thank you mum.” he cried in happiness. Bounding into the room like a giddy puppy, Sam (his grandchild) sat beside him. He slowly pressed the last key. Smiles entered their face as they looked at each other.


The Story of the Chinese Zodiac by Red

February 2nd 2017


It was a peaceful day; the sun was shining than the Emperor had loads of knocks on his temple door. He was shocked at this because he was in the middle of is praying session. When he went to open his door loads of people shouted, “When was I born? When was I born?” Frustrated and angry, fed up and annoyed, he was so sick of people always knocking on his door and bothering him and disturbing him. He knew he had to do something about this annoyed, fed up, angry he spent a lot of time thinking about this while eating grapes and looking down at his lovely green land.

Walking up and down his curdier like a mad chicken he had to do something about this. So he got the eagle (which was his favourite animal) to deliver a letter to all the animals in china. The Jade Emperor was going to set up a race to decide what year what you were born in such as if the pig comes first the first year would be named after the pig and so on. Many sunrises later, it was the day for the race: all the animals were ready by the water. Confident, the dragon was boasting about how he was going to win and have the first year named after him. Laughing at him, the tiger said that he was going to win. “Be quiet!” bellowed the Jade Emperor. “Prepare your selves for the race.”

Boom! Off they went.  The sneaky rat knew he wouldn’t win and had devised a plan. Carefully and softly, the cunning rat, scurried on to the ox’s back. Meanwhile, the monkey was still up a tree eating a banana: the pig was enjoying himself by rolling around in the mud: and the dog was paddling around in circles!

Eventually, the finish line was in sight. The devious rat leapt from the ox and dived for the finish line first and won! Some animals thought it was cheating; others (like Jade Emperor) thought it was mischievous but clever. All the animals were bickering, “He doesn’t deserve to win.” Moaned the dragon.

“I had no idea you were there rat. I was clueless. You are a cheat!” groaned the ox.  Then the Jade Emperor shouted, “Stop! The rat won. He will have the first year named after him and that is the end of it.”

The animals had no choice but to go home and sob.


Coming Home by Jack

(5th December 2016)

Swiftly and majestically, quickly yet cautiously, I flew  through the pearl-white mountains – I needed to get home. The journey would be dangerous and scary: I had to find her. Through icy mountains to wriggly rivers – I needed to get home. As the crystal snow fell, I faced my fears, my wings were like tiny icicles. To defrost my wings, I had to rest. Spikey, weak, feeble – I clung onto a branch to catch my breath.


It’s a Mystery by Louie

(11th November 2016)

Marching quickly, in the boiling hot sun, Ali wished he could find some water or something; he was burning up. Leaving the park, Ali started to head home, then suddenly it started to rain heavily! Ali looked for some shelter, then he spotted a little hut. He knocked loudly. Ali stood silently, looking at the door. With a slow creaking sound, it opened. Taking a deep breath, Ali walked inside… As Ali creeped inside, the door slammed shut! But Ali didn’t care. All that he cared about was that in the corner of the room there were a couple of candles, so he could see. Then, he slowly but fearfully walked over to the figure…. Swoosh! The candles blew out! Ali tripped back to the wall. If Ali hadn’t of been curious, if Ali wasn’t a nosy boy, if Ali would of just kept on walking home, then he wouldn’t be in this stupid, perilous place.

Scared, anxious, wide-eyed-some of Ali’s friends would of been fearless, like his dad, in this situation; others (like Ali) could barely breathe. He heard heavy breathing. Was it his own breathing? Or was it somebody, or something, else? Panicking, Ali felt in his back pocket for his phone. He quickly turned the flashlight on. His battery was at 100% but suddenly his phone was ringing . The caller was called BLIND. Out of interest, Ali answered the phone,  ”Now you see what I see!” The flashlight turned off as well as his phone. Rhythmic banging began high above him. Slowly, he wandered to where the banging noise seemed to be coming from. Then, he felt some stairs in front of him. He decided to walk up them. Eventually, his eyes adjusted to the darkness. In front of him, he saw a door with bright, red blood dripping from the wood down onto the pitch black floor.

Would Ali get out? Why did this place exist? When would people notice that Ali was missing? All I know of what happened next was that Ali went through the door and never came back out…


I have a dream… #3

I have a dream that everyone will be equal,

I have a dream that poverty will stop,

I have a dream that people will die when their time is right,

I have a dream that racism will cease to exist,

I have a dream that medication will be provided to people who need it.


I have a dream that everyone will walk side by side,

I have a dream that friends will be made not shattered,

I have a dream that peace will blanket the Earth,

I have a dream that smiles will be seen on everyone’s faces,

I have a dream that happiness will rise.


I have a dream Earth will be like heaven,

I have a dream that love will be with everyone,

I have a dream that homelessness will be stopped in its tracks,

I have a dream that everyone has a chance to get school for free,

I have a dream that my poorly sister will live to 10 years old.


I have a dream that money will be used for more than fags and scratch cards,

I have a dream that murder will disappear into thin air,

I have a dream that hate and aggression will fail,

I have a dream that fear will stop,

I have dreams I wish to come true.

By Tamzin (11th November 2016)


I Have a Dream #2

I have a dream that peace will blanket the world,
I have a dream that drugs will be in the past,
I have a dream that smiles never walk out the door,
I have a dream that animals feel safe in their habitats,
I have a dream today.

I have a dream that honesty will rise like the sun creeping out from the shadows,
I have a dream that violence will end it’s sentence,
I have a dream that happiness spreads like butter on bread,
I have a dream that people with disabilities will feel like everyone else again,
I have a dream today.

By Lucy (31st October 2016)


I Have a Dream #1

I have a dream that gang violence will stop,

I have a dream that sexism will stop,

I have a dream that honesty will rise like a new  day,

I have a dream today.


I have a dream people don’t judge by colour but by personality,

I have a dream that racism will fade away,

I have a dream that hate will turn into love,

I have a dream today.


I have a dream that people won’t be homeless,

I have a dream that Ebola will not exist,

I have a dream that gay people will be treated the same as straight people,

I have a dream today.


By Red (31st October 2016)



Bang bang

People are dead

We all regret it now

Why couldn’t they regret it then




Germany was saved

By a mad man called Hitler

But they needed him

By Harry (7th October 2016)





It is sad to see them go.

Country side they go.

Stepping on the train,

They will say goodbye to you.

You will dress your best.

Bye cities and towns.

They will see new animals.



The Blitz


Bang! Bang!

Have bomb shelters.

The explosions begin.

The bomb shelters will keep you safe.

Bang! Bang!


Boom! Boom!

Shots were fired.

Keep down and do not rise.

Try and not get hit by a bomb.

Boom! Boom!

By Demi (7th October 2016)


Dangled by Lacey


As Billy strolled across the glistening snow, the bare trees scratched his orange coat. Billy, who liked walking, constantly took this route to work. Slowly, he past the witches’ fingers. As he did that, the snow crunched, it looked like icing on a cake beneath his feet.

Gasping for breath, he reached the edge of the forest. At that moment, out of the corner of his beady eye he saw something odd that he had never seen before. It looked like it was touching the floor.

As he inched closer, he realised it was a rope. However, this was no ordinary rope. Long, royal, red – it looked like something from Buckingham Palace. Also, at the bottom of the rope there was a brass knob. Straining his neck back, he tried to see the end but it was never ending. Intrigued he prodded and poked at it. Then, he pulled it… ‘I wonder what’s going to happen?’ he thought.

By Lacey (21st Sept. 2016)


My Anthony Joshua Adventure

As I put them on, my hands were squelching inside the gloves: my palms were mixing with the sweat. Suddenly, I started to feel funny. I felt a shocking tingle up my arm. My muscles were getting bigger, my six-pack was starting to form. “Cool” I whispered to myself.

“Finished with those boxes?” asked Reagan.

“No, just one more” I fibbed, as Reagan disappeared. When I jumped off the stool, instead of landing on the floor, I fell into a multi-coloured spiral.  While I was spiralling downwards, I could see an illusion coming towards me. It seemed to be an Olympic stadium.

Before I knew it, I was in a boxing ring, placing my head-guard perfectly on my head. I heard the roaring crowd shouting, “AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ!”  The audience were cheering as the Ref blew the whistle. “Round one!” he shouted. Scared and anxious, shocked and worried, I discovered I was fighting the 2008 Olympic Champion, Roberto Cammarelle. After he jabbed me in my arm and stomach trying to wind me, I punched Cammarelle as hard as I could, without thinking. Feeling confident, I knocked him out in one punch, after only taking a few punches off him. Feeling like a champion myself, I knew that my parents would be proud of me.

After winning the fights, I received my gold medal and, as I kissed it, I looked at it and saw the name ‘Anthony Joshua – Olympic Champion’. At that point, I realised where I was; The London 2012 Olympics. Amazingly, after working hard, I had made my dream come true. As I jumped in the air, I fell into the spiral illusion once more and ended up back in the Hood Boxing Gym. Excitedly, I told everyone in the gym about my adventure. For one minute they didn’t believe me, but I proved them wrong when I showed them my shiny gold medal.

By Ellie. (27th June 2016)


My Olympic Adventure

On an absolutely boring Thursday afternoon, I was doing a two-hour long P.E. lesson. While I was practicing my amazing gymnastic stunts, I caught a glimpse of an Olympic poster in the corner of the gym. I slowly walked towards it. Confused, puzzled, bewildered – I thought the poster was moving towards me, or was it just me? Wait a minute; I seemed to be travelling inside the poster. Dark and blurry, fast and furious, I must’ve been travelling at 2000 mph. But where was I going? A few moments later of travelling at such a high speed, I ended up at a colossal stadium.

I felt so weird. I felt taller and stronger. Guess what? I was at the Olympics. I felt so strange: I had never done this before. Somebody came to me and entered me into a sprinting race. Panic-stricken, I was afraid that I would lose.

We started: I sprinted off! We all did three whole laps and were sweating like pigs. My heart was thumping like an asteroid impact. Then, on the fourth and final lap, something odd started to happen to my body. I didn’t feel like myself at all: my body had changed and transformed. My legs were stronger than ever and my arms bulged like balloons. I felt an inner strength which built up my confidence. I could do this: I could win this! I increased my pace and pulled away from the group. It felt amazing! I was a bullet flying on the track. Finally, I was on the home stretch and victory was in my eyes. Ecstatic, I zoomed across the finish line.

Seconds later, I was surrounded by camera men and the people from the press. “Luke, Luke! How are you feeling?”

“Luke, how does it feel to be the one and only Olympic champion?” ‘How did they know my name? Was I really the Olympic champion?’ Above me, I noticed a monstrous scoreboard and I was right at the top of it. It really did say my name – Luke Hall: GOLD.

I was ushered to the podium to receive my glamorous gold medal. The medal shone brightly like the sun beneath my chin. Proud, amazed, beaming with delight – the National Anthem blared across the entire stadium. I felt very pleased with myself. “I won, I actually WON!” I yelled out loud. Suddenly, I felt myself moving backwards for some reason. I was going 2000 mph like I was before. I saw the blurs and cobalt colour like I was before.

I finally came back to where I had started, before my recent adventure had happened – my Thursday afternoon P.E. lesson. ‘Did I really take part in the Olympics?’ I thought to myself. Then, I felt something hard on my chest; it was my brightly-shined gold medal. At the end of the day, I told every single one of  my friends all about my terrific adventure to the Olympics. Some of my friends believed what I had said, others laughed at me, right in front of my eyes.

By Luke. (27th June 2016)


Into The Past

“At home Sir,” I responded.

“Go to the changing room and find the lost property,” he replied. I finally reached the smelly, old lost property. There was only one kit. All the rest was school uniform. Luckily, the kit was clean; but there was only a running top. It had the initials J.E. and graffiti all about the Olympics on the front. I put it on.

All of a sudden, I was floating in the air. Worried and scared, blood curdling and frightened, I couldn’t stop it. It was like a force field was pushing me away. “AHH!” I screamed. I didn’t understand what was going on. Numbers and letters surrounded me. Clocks turned back, people were getting younger.

Gradually, I slowed down and came to a stop. ‘Where am I?’ I thought. The crowd around me cheered. I looked around My eyes caught a glance at a poster. ‘LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS.’ I looked down and saw the name ‘ENNIS’ on my top. I was then in a full kit. “I- I’m, Jessica Ennis,” I mumbled under my breath. I even looked like her. ‘Is it real? Am I dreaming? Please tell me I am?’ I thought.

“Ennis, get over here,” someone shouted. I ran towards the voice. Someone pointed to where I needed to stand. Some people were ready; others, like me, weren’t. 3, 2, 1! GO! ‘BOOM!’ A gun fire set us off. Unfortunately, I was going to have to take part: I was going to have to race the 800m.

Hoping that I was ready, I began running. As I was running, I couldn’t stop thinking of how I was going to get back. I saw Zelinka in first place, I couldn’t let her win. Determinedly, I raced towards her. Then I got in front of her and won. I won first place. I’d never felt so alive in my life. I couldn’t stop smiling.

As I grasped my gold medal there was a loud BOOM! The same clocks started to spin forwards and before I knew it, I was back. “Where have you been?” Mr Murphy asked. Excited, happy, delighted – I was finally back. I still had the medal around my neck, as well as the Olympics kit. For the rest of the day, I couldn’t stop thinking of going back in time. Was it real? All I wanted to do was go back. Could I go back again?

By Courtney. (27th June 2016)



Glistening, the shining beacon of hope circulated around the town. Whenever the gleaming beam soared above the houses, a collective cheer could be heard. Standing tall and proud, the medieval-looking  lighthouse protected the village with its illuminating hands. The collective cheer came from the drunken town.

Some people enjoyed the crowd; others like Mr.Gershwin despised it. His glasses glinted in the moonlight. Annoyed, he slammed the window with his fist. Shaking, everything on the table wobbled, almost making the pencil roll off. The bitter cold wind swirled around him as a cracking noise started to ring through the room. Lonely and alone, he was isolated from society.

Like a cave, all light disappeared into a void of darkness. Scrambling  around , he tried to find his gas lamp. The town appeared dark: all warmth was snuffed out. Quickly, the harsh air made him shiver. Without a second thought, he ran up the stairs. Determined, quick, strong-willed- he stopped and saw the intricate design of the gears had stopped. “Oh no! It’s-” After spotting the light, he looked over: a ship was coming! ‘If I don’t replace the light…’ He thought. ‘Can I even stop the ship? What can I even do?’

Without a second thought, Gershwin tried to pick up the broken light. Unfortunately, he tripped, letting the light go. Crash! Like a bomb, the light burst into pieces. Horrified, he crawled backwards, almost falling down the stairs. His eyes glared at the sharp pieces of glass. Quivering, he started to walk down the stairs step by step, on each one he thought how he could have done better. Each step closer to the door, the closer he would start to weep. Like the stairs, his hopes spiraled down. He felt disappointed in himself. Reluctantly, he opened the door.

Like a swarm of fireflies, the lanterns shone around the hill. With a glimmer of hope, Gershwin guided everyone until a glowing line formed up the lighthouse. With everyone from the town, the trail overflowed outside of the lighthouse. Slowly, the hill was covered by fireflies.

The ship was now near the edge. Closer, slower, just before it hit the cliff it stopped… Filled with joy, Gershwin, who now felt like a rainbow, ran to the ship to greet it. Everyone was safe from the disaster. Gershwin felt like the best person alive. Jumping, cheering, screaming – everyone rushed down to the village to have a party, including Gershwin.


By Edison. (June 22nd 2016)


The Lighthouse

Dark and dreary, foggy and misty – the candy-cane coloured lighthouse stood tall and proud. Shrouded in a blanket of clouds, it was on the edge of a steep cliff. Meanwhile, Mr. Smith, who was the owner of the lighthouse, was making a cup of tea. Abruptly, a piercing honk screeched through the air, everything shook in its path.‘Slam!’ Mr.Smith burst through the door. ” A ship! I  need to turn the lighthouse on!” He  exclaimed. Mr . Smith was kind-hearted but he was shy and that was why he lived alone in his lighthouse.

Frantically, he swiftly rushed up the stairs. Whirling and twirling, twisting and spiraling, he panted. He was athletic but even he couldn’t get up the whole lighthouse without losing his breath. Like a hammer, his hand slammed on the switch…Silence spread all around: nothing happened. With no time left, he twisted the light-bulb and with all his strength he threw it into the water. Sprinting , he flew down the stairs. He became dizzy. After he reached the bottom, he collapsed onto the floor reaching towards the box. After a while, he finally stood up. Cautiously, he picked up the light-bulb and carried it up the stairs. Struggling, he slowly walked up the eternal stairs.

‘HONK!’ Scared, he dropped the light-bulb and slowly it rolled off the cliff. ‘Are you kidding me?!’ He thought. Mr.Smith gazed over the edge: his jaw dropped. Quickly, he sped down the stairs. Desperate, miserable, determined – he snatched the last fragile light-bulb. Again, he swiftly sprinted up the stairs. Relieved, he put the light-bulb onto the fixture. He pressed the switched… Bursting like a bomb, the light-bulb shot sharp pieces glass everywhere. Shaking, he was luckily not hit. Without a second thought, Mr.Smith sped to the life-saving ring.

Idiotically but bravely, he launched himself off the cliff. ‘Splash!’ Mr.Smith was floating next to a duck. “Aw what a cute du-‘HONK!’

By Edison. (June 22nd 2016)


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