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Walk like an Egyptian… *Updated*


“On Wednesday, Year 6 were learning about a new topic about the Egyptians.  I thought that it was going to be a really really good topic because I have been to Egypt before and thought learning about all the pyramids their life (hundreds and hundreds of years ago) would be quite interesting.

So, on Wednesday afternoon, we came in from lunch and Miss Hall began explaining what our new topic was going to be. Then, our task was to design an Egyptian mask in out sketch book. Excitingly, in a few weeks, when we finish our mask designs, we are going to make our masks out of clay.”  – Benji



“Today, we did something really fun; we did a workshop on the Egyptians. We worked in groups of 5 and we learnt loads of new stuff. For example, that dead people would be mummified and that the Egyptians loved cats and hated dogs. Some people might think the bodies would rot; others (like the Egyptians) knew that they would be preserved.” – Charley-Mae

9/6/17 – Check us out ‘Walking like Egyptians’ (or trying to) while playing Sticky Fingers today!


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Environment Week

This week is extra special throughout Prince Edward School, not only because it’s the last week of half term, but also because it’s Environment Week!

What is Environment Week?

Lets ask some Year Sixes what they think Environment Week is all about…

Majida – “It could be helpful because more children will know about pollution and can help change it.”

“It talks about pollution which is important to learn about because it affects animals as well as the world.” – Nathan

“Environment Week is to teach us how to make our environment a better place and to stop things like littering.” – Ebony

“We need to learn about the environment so children understand how important trees and plants are to our planet.” – Louie

But what do we do in Environment Week?

Some children have been outside on a nature walk and gardening in Year Six; others have been learning about endangered animals. Meanwhile, in Year Four, we’ve had the opportunity to make bird feeders and, in Year Three, we’ve been learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy – who specialises in natural art – and creating some of our own artistic pieces.


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Times Tables

In the run up to SATs, the Year Sixes are competeing in a daily times tables challenge – 150 times tables in just 3 1/2 minutes.

Mr Sieczkarek and Miss Senior, who aren’t competitive at all, decided to take part yesterday!

But guess what? Neither of them were top of the leader board!

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Verb Workshop


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Easter Extravaganza!

“The bouncy castle was the best day at Easter Extravaganza because it was great fun and we had the opportunity to compete against other people in races.” – Benji.

“The inflatable obstacle course was brilliant. We had to climb walls and dodge things, while racing our friends. Baking was good as well because I really like doing it – I sometimes get to bake at my nannan’s so it’s nice to do it at school too!” – Coben.

“I enjoyed doing different activities, especially baking. We made Bird’s Nest buns which were super yummy! It’s nice to be away from home during the holidays and getting to do things with my friends at school.” – Jessica.

“What have I enjoyed about Easter Extravaganza? Everything! Particularly, the inflatable assault course, pizza day, the general knowledge quiz (even though my team didn’t win) and getting to eat breakfast in our classroom – it was really nice!” – Charley-Mae

“This week has gone so quickly – we’ve had so much fun. I can’t believe its Thursday already!” – Jack

“Easter Extravaganza is fantastic – in fact ‘egg-citing’. SPaG/Maths rounders was really fun because, most of the time, I got the ball to fly across the hall. I also liked the Sheffield Steelers visit and I even got an autograph from a real Sheffield Steelers player.” – Blake.

“The bouncy castle was obviously the best part of Easter Extravaganza: we got to compete against our friends and just mess about for a bit. I liked Learning Rounders because we had to answer SPaG and numeracy questions while having fun playing rounders.” – Tiana

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Super Steelers @ Easter Extravaganza!

Amazing and fun, cool and exciting; we were joined by Jase and Dan from Sheffield Steelers today. All the children were given the chance to experience an expert hockey training session and meet a professional ice hockey player. We would like to say a huge thank you to The Steelers for the incredible  prizes that each child won: they are fantastic!

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Easter Extravaganza

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The Easter Extravaganza got off to a ‘bounce-tastic’  start today with many activities including: the inflatable obstacle course from @bouncycastles44 on Twitter; SPaG and Maths activities and Easter baking! We can’t  wait to see everyone again tomorrow! 🐣🐔

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The 3G Swing

Thrilling, terrifying, exhilarating – the 3G Swing is the ultimate challenge at Kingswood.

Not only are you lifted high into the sky (so you can see right to the horizon), you’re also dropped to the ground at a petrifying speed. It seems as though your toes sweep the gravel below before you’re swung back up towards to bright, blue sky like a plane taking off.

It doesn’t matter how high you go – the 3G Swing requires an immense amount of bravery.

Kingswood 22


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Jacob’s Ladder

Team work. Team work. Team work. Why is it important?

Well… it builds relationships; strengthens friendships; improves confidence; develops people-skills; proves loyalties and creates bonds between individuals.

At Kingswood, the children aren’t just here to have fun, (although this is an important element of the experience) we are here to learn and develop new skills – team work being one of the main objectives of nearly all of these activities.

Whether it’s undertaking a trust exercise, building something together as a team or working with a partner towards a shared goal, Kingswood is encouraging us to work together.

Jacob’s Ladder is impossible without team work. Your challenge is to provide physical and mental support to a partner while you both climb increasingly higher on a ladder fit for a giant. Scary? Yes. Exciting? YES! Impossible? Never.

Here we are working together in our pairs to see how far we can go.

Not only are our team working skills improving by the minute, we’re also learning just what we’re physically and mentally capable of.

The answer? A lot more than we first thought.

It doesn’t matter how high we get, it’s all about team work

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Light Experiment Day

Year Six are having a fantastic day taking part in lots of science experiments all about… light!

“I loved this lesson. Science is one of my favourite subjects. I learnt that a transparent coloured object (a blue bottle) will make a blue shadow!” Blake – Y6 Quartz.


“We had to do an experiment about light today and I worked with Louie. We had to predict whether the distance between the light and the object had an impact on the size of the shadow created. We predicted that the shadow would become larger, the closer to the object the light source became… And we were right!” – Red, Year Six Opal.


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