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Walk like an Egyptian… *Updated*


“On Wednesday, Year 6 were learning about a new topic about the Egyptians.  I thought that it was going to be a really really good topic because I have been to Egypt before and thought learning about all the pyramids their life (hundreds and hundreds of years ago) would be quite interesting.

So, on Wednesday afternoon, we came in from lunch and Miss Hall began explaining what our new topic was going to be. Then, our task was to design an Egyptian mask in out sketch book. Excitingly, in a few weeks, when we finish our mask designs, we are going to make our masks out of clay.”  – Benji



“Today, we did something really fun; we did a workshop on the Egyptians. We worked in groups of 5 and we learnt loads of new stuff. For example, that dead people would be mummified and that the Egyptians loved cats and hated dogs. Some people might think the bodies would rot; others (like the Egyptians) knew that they would be preserved.” – Charley-Mae

9/6/17 – Check us out ‘Walking like Egyptians’ (or trying to) while playing Sticky Fingers today!


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World War II Reflection

Amazing, phenomenal, interesting – I loved our World War II topic. All of the new information and the trip to Eden Camp (which was a Prisoner of War camp for German and Japanese soldiers) were fascinating and spectacular. My favourite activity on World War II was when we went in a – teacher made – bomb raid shelter and listened to a siren that would have sounded when German bombers were flying overhead. My favourite task was writing poetry; it was a really cool way to show people how the war was. I am more confident with the subject of World War II because of all the support we got and how the teachers made the lessons fun!

Written by: Tamzin

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WW2 Topic Reflection by Demi

Amazing and cool, interesting and fascinating, I loved the World War II topic. At the beginning, I did not know anything but now (at the end) I am loaded with facts. My favourite lesson was ‘The Blitz’. I did not understand how serious it was. If an alien came to land and had no idea about WW2, after talking to me, he would go away like a WW2 fact machine.

As part of our learning, we went on a school trip to Eden Camp in Malton, York. My favourite part of Eden Camp was the puppet show. Some people did not find it funny; others (like me) thought it was hilarious.

By Demi

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Black History Month

Year Six have just been introduced to their new topic – Black History Month.


We have listened to some of Martin Luther King Junior’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech and are now undertaking a P4C session discussing the theme of Freedom of Speech.

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The Blitz

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WW2 Evacuation

I’ve learnt, during World War II, children had to be evacuated so that they could live and have a happy life. Unfortunately, some children got mean adults that didn’t look after them. But some children got really nice people who were really grateful that they had some children to look after, while the war was happening. – Demi

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An Introduction to World War II

imageThis Monday morning was particularly exciting for Year Six as we were introduced to our new Topic – World War Two.

All of Year Six were told to sit at their tables with their eyes closed. Excited, nervous, tense – we had no idea what was about to happen. Then, all of a sudden, we heard a loud siren, followed by a man’s voice talking about England being at war with Germany.

We later discovered that man’s voice was Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of the UK at the start of WWII.

You can hear exactly what he had to say on this video:

Afterwards, we were split into seven groups and instructed to visit all the different stations which had been set up around the classroom.

Interestingly, we were instructed to write everything we already knew about World War II, then we had to move around the stations and add any new facts that we’d learned onto out sheets. By the end of the lesson, our sheets very VERY full and we had learnt some fantastic new facts!

What a great lesson!

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Harvest Poem


Last Term, we created poetry linked to Autumn.

Harvest Poem

As the summer ends, the fresh Autumn air filled my lungs.

As the summer ends, the golden crunchy tangoed down the street.

As the summer ends, the beautiful orange leaves fall of off the lonely trees.

As the summer ends, the crystal, shiny blue sky is covered by the white blankets of clouds.

As the summer ends, the golden bales of hay roll down the crisp field.

As the summer ends, the yellow leaves rolls down the street like sacks of potatoes.

As the summer ends, the crisp wind slaps my face.

As the summer ends ,the golden sparkly sunset hits my eyes.


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