Mentoring by Feaven and Demi

Amazing and awesome, cool yet helpful, mentoring was a life-changing experience as we learnt about the qualifications for our dream career. Rebekah – who was our mentor -allowed us to ask questions about high school and her GCSEs, which has helped us to develop our understanding. As well as meeting Rebekah , we met other Six Formers. This was lovely, lovely because we got to ask them things too. We both realized high school is hard work.


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Trip To Kingswood – By Cody

On March 27 2017, we set off to go to  Kingswood. The activities made me more confident and I overcame my fear of heights. The 3G swing, which was 45ft high, dropped a person from a great height but then it was a calm drift for the rest of the time. The Leap Of Faith is something that needs to be tried by everyone. You climb up a wooden pole and then you jump and try to reach a trapeze high in the air. I jumped and caught it with one hand! There are a LOT more activities at Kingswood but these are, in my opinion, the best activities.

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image.jpgA massive congratulations to our newest winner of a highly sought-after pen licence!

She has worked incredibly hard to improve her handwriting over the last year and has well and truly earned her award.



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Bugsy Malone by Lucy and Kelsie.

Awesome, fun, enjoyable – we have loved practicing for Bugsy Malone. It has been amazing experience, and we can’t thank the teachers enough for their hard work. The rehearsals have gone really well, but the dresses were really itchy. Overall, it has been fantastic – we can’t wait for our final performance.

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Bugsy Malone

Well, it’s nearly performance day!

Sorry it’s been a little quiet in Year Six lately: we’ve been spending every spare SECOND creating, preparing and rehearsing for our Year Six production of Bugsy Malone!

Bugsy Malone

Excited, nervous, exhilarated – yesterday, Year Six finally got the chance to show their wonderful performance to a captivated audience. We were so pleased that all our hard work came together in the end and that everyone enjoyed the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Year Six cannot wait to perform for parents, family and friends on Wednesday and Thursday night, this week. We hope that you can make it! You can still pick up tickets today – just come and see us in the hall after school this afternoon.





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Walk like an Egyptian… *Updated*


“On Wednesday, Year 6 were learning about a new topic about the Egyptians.  I thought that it was going to be a really really good topic because I have been to Egypt before and thought learning about all the pyramids their life (hundreds and hundreds of years ago) would be quite interesting.

So, on Wednesday afternoon, we came in from lunch and Miss Hall began explaining what our new topic was going to be. Then, our task was to design an Egyptian mask in out sketch book. Excitingly, in a few weeks, when we finish our mask designs, we are going to make our masks out of clay.”  – Benji



“Today, we did something really fun; we did a workshop on the Egyptians. We worked in groups of 5 and we learnt loads of new stuff. For example, that dead people would be mummified and that the Egyptians loved cats and hated dogs. Some people might think the bodies would rot; others (like the Egyptians) knew that they would be preserved.” – Charley-Mae

9/6/17 – Check us out ‘Walking like Egyptians’ (or trying to) while playing Sticky Fingers today!


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Environment Week

This week is extra special throughout Prince Edward School, not only because it’s the last week of half term, but also because it’s Environment Week!

What is Environment Week?

Lets ask some Year Sixes what they think Environment Week is all about…

Majida – “It could be helpful because more children will know about pollution and can help change it.”

“It talks about pollution which is important to learn about because it affects animals as well as the world.” – Nathan

“Environment Week is to teach us how to make our environment a better place and to stop things like littering.” – Ebony

“We need to learn about the environment so children understand how important trees and plants are to our planet.” – Louie

But what do we do in Environment Week?

Some children have been outside on a nature walk and gardening in Year Six; others have been learning about endangered animals. Meanwhile, in Year Four, we’ve had the opportunity to make bird feeders and, in Year Three, we’ve been learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy – who specialises in natural art – and creating some of our own artistic pieces.


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The entire Year Six Team would like to wish our wonderful Year Sixes many, many well-deserved congratulations on all their hard-work and effort over the past few days.

It’s safe to say you have blown us all away with how well you have done this week – you’ve proven to everyone just how determined, diligent and astounding you all are.

As a reward, the Year Sixes are currently taking part in a fun-filled morning of sport and activities (inside due to the weather). We hope you enjoy this time to just relax and have fun!


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A short message…

Just a short message of support for all of our wonderful Year Six pupils…

Dear Year Six,

Your hard-work, perseverance and effort over the past few weeks, if not months, has been truly admirable. We – the Year Six staff – are confident that you will shine during next week’s SATs exams and will prove to everyone just how special a year group you are.

Take time this weekend to relax, get some good night’s sleep, rest those weary brains and prepare for the week ahead – we know that you will do us proud!

Good luck with your SATs exams, you’ve all worked so hard and you deserve every success – we know that you will do your very best.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Six Team


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Times Tables

In the run up to SATs, the Year Sixes are competeing in a daily times tables challenge – 150 times tables in just 3 1/2 minutes.

Mr Sieczkarek and Miss Senior, who aren’t competitive at all, decided to take part yesterday!

But guess what? Neither of them were top of the leader board!

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