Star Writer

Congratulations to Cole who is Opal Class’ Star Writer! Have a read of his amazing ‘Coming Home’ piece.

Coming Home by Cole 

Snowy, cold, frozen – I need to get home before she notices I’m not there. The cold weather makes me blind and lost. I will get home, I will. On the outside, I feel cold but on the inside, I feel brave and determined. The snow on the floor is like a thick blanket.

I set off on the long journey to try and get home. If I wouldn’t have come over here, if I never went hunting, if I don’t get home, then I might die. In the cold, the huge mountains are like giant boulders that almost hit me. The snow hits me like rocks on my red breast.

The rain wets me but I’m so tired. I need to rest, need to rest. I dream, dream of home. I wake up. My throat is dry and I need some water. I went to the closest river where I drink some water and ‘oh my’… a HAWK! He tries to eat me as I sip the freezing, clear, cold water. I fly away rapidly. And the blizzard hits me in the face, hits me like a hard slap in the face. In the distance, I see a flock of birds who are persuading me to follow them.

I follow them until I meet the raging sea. I’m being battered; the wind is pushing me from side to side. I spot a boat and try to land on it. The boat is being punished by the sea. Suddenly, a wave knocks me out and all I see next is two big hands and two big feet then black…

Snug, warm, cosy – I wake up in the fisherman’s box. Kindly, the fisherman feeds me raisins. I flap and flutter my delicate wings – I have to be on my way. The more I think about home, the more fast I go. Happily, I see my town. I get butterflies in my stomach. In the distance, I see a mince pie so I fly to it but she’s not there. So I call for her and she comes. She asks me, “What took you so long”? And I said, “This and that”.


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ESCAL Spelling Workshop

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Yesterday afternoon, Year Six were visited by some wonderful ladies from ESCAL. What is ESCAL you say? Important, special, clever – ESCAL stands for ‘Every Sheffield Child is Articulate and Literate’.

The aim of yesterday’s workshop was to encourage the development of our spelling abilities, as well as teach us some new strategies to help both spell unknown words and learn them!

We had a great time – the activities were SPELLTASTIC!

Some of us had to work out how many CLAPTASTIC syllables were in words, then spell them correctly; others had to spell different homophones. Each challenge came with the opportunity to win points for our teams: we loved it!

Here are some comments that the Year Sixes had to make on the ESCAL Workshop:

“Thank you for coming – I loved learning a lot of spellings. My favourite part was the ‘clapping syllables’ challenge”. – Katie

“Thank you for helping us spell longer words. Even though there were fun games, they helped us learn a lot more things.” – Scott

“I hope you come again and teach us more about spelling” – Lucyanne

“My favourite workshop activity was the contractions game. It was really fun and it made us use our brains”. – Crystal

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Amazing piece of writing…

Recently, Year Six have been learning about Black History Month and the Civil Rights Movement, which helped bring about equality for all, no matter the colour of their skin.

Macie has completed a fantastic piece of writing about Rosa Parks, who was one of the most inspirational people from this time…

You can read more of our fantastic writing in our ‘Writing Corner’. Just click on the tab above and read away!

Rosa Parks by Macie

Brave, fearless, determined – Rosa Parks stood up for her own rights and didn’t let anyone take her seat. Have you ever dreamed of being as amazing as her? Well, Rosa fulfilled that dream. Not only did she stand up for herself; she stood up for making the world a better place.

As the snow fell, Rosa McCauley came into the world on the 4th February 1913. She was born in America and, as a child, she became aware that people were treated differently because of the colour of their skin.

As a child, Rosa Louise McCauley began to notice that black people were kept apart from white people; in many buildings, they had to use different entrances. At the bus stop, black people had to stand in a line while the white people sat and waited on a bench. Rosa followed these unfair rules and she never made a fuss. Well, not until…

Tired and exhausted, fed up and fatigued, Rosa was on her daily commute, travelling home on the bus. A white male got on the bus and demanded that Rosa give up her seat. But she refused! Would you have done the same?

After this incident, she was arrested and fined $10. Parks’ bravery and her arrest acted as a catalyst for many peaceful protests and inspired others. Furthermore, black and white people boycotted the bus service for 381 days. Slowly but surely, people began to stand up for equality.

By refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus, Rosa Parks helped initiate the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. If she hadn’t stood up for herself, if she hadn’t been so brave, if she didn’t fight for equal rights, then the law against racism might not exist.


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Mathematicians of the Week

Congratulations to our two newest Mathematicians of the Week! These two have shown great determination over the past few weeks and challenged themselves to try extra tricky problems. Well done both of you!


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Anti-Bullying Week

This week, the whole school has been learning about Anti-Bullying Week.

We’ve discovered what the three main types of bullying are:

  1. Physical
  2. Cyber
  3. Verbal

Interestingly, we’ve also been trying to look at bullying from the bully’s point-of-view. This might seem a little strange, however, we’ve discussed the reason’s why someone might become a bully – perhaps they too have been suffering in their own lives – and what advice we could give a bully to help stop and improve their situation.

Here is some advice that Tony has produced in order to help someone stop being a bully:

  1. Admit it – Firstly, you need to admit it to yourself that you are bullying someone. This can be one of the most difficult steps.
  2. Stop yourself – Next, you need to stop hurting people, either with your words or hands/feet.
  3. Think about why – You need to think about the reasons why you’ve been behaving this way. Is it because you’re upset or angry?
  4. Speak to a trusted adult – Speaking to someone you trust  can help because they can give you some advise on how to not hurt people.
  5. Say sorry – Saying sorry to the person you’re hurting is really important. You could even try to make friends.
  6. Gain people’s respect – You could do this by being nice to them and helping them when they are stuck. This will make you feel better too!
  7. Speak to ChildLine – Calling ChildLine can really help you get over any problems which are upsetting you and can listen and give you advise about what’s happened in the past. The number is 0800 11 11.


In addition, in Guided Reading, some of our groups have been studying poetry about bullying from several different poets and from numerous points-of-view. Here are some of their performances of these poems:




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Year Six Class Assembly *UPDATED*

IMG_0470[1]We are currently completing the final rehearsal for our Class Assembly, which starts very VERY soon! We’re looking forward to seeing all the parents and children there to support us, listen and learn.

See you soon!

Year Six


Our assembly is currently in progress. Thank you to all the wonderful, supportive parents and family members who have come to see our performance. We’re so so grateful and happy to see you all!




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Martin Luther King & Benjamin Zephaniah By Leo

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist Minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson.

He won the Noble Peace Prize for his leadership of the Civil Rights movement and commitment to achieving racial justice through nonviolent action. King became a civil rights activist early in his career.

Sadly, Martin Luther King was assassinated by James Earl Ray.

Day he died: 1968 in Memphis Tennessee, USA April 4th

Day he was born: January 15th 1929

Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah is a British Dub poet. He was the son of Caribbean immigrates. He left school at 13 years old and was diagnosed with dyslexia, as he couldn’t read or write very well.

Day he was born: Birmingham 19th April 1958

Benjamin has written many poems which you can read today.

Popular poems:

Talking Turkeys

De rong song

And many more.

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New Science Stars

IMG_0396Congratulations to our newest Science Stars! These Year Sixes have shown great team work skills and scientific knowledge. Well done you!

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Electricity is a wonderful thing #2

What have we been learning?

“We’ve been learning about circuits and how they work.” – Cayleigh

“How much electricity we use in our school and at home.” – Hashim

“We have learned how to create our own circuit.” – Bradley

“We’ve looked at different components which build circuits.” – Jack

“We now know the difference between a parallel and a series circuit.” – Lucyanne

“You could find a parallel circuit in your house.” – Vaclav

“You would find other parallel circuits in your school.” – Ellie

“A series circuit is when one light goes out, the rest of them go out.” – Ethan

What facts can we remember about electricity?

“Did you know that electricity can travel at 186,000 miles per second?” – Robbie

“Did you know lightening strikes have 3 million volts and happen in less than once second?” – Ellis

“After the show Coronation Street, there used to be a large surge of electricity when people went to make a cup of tea!” – TJ

“Electricity can be made using the wind, water and the sun.”- Zuzanna

“The speed of light is 186,282 miles per second.” – Declan

” If a bird sits on power lines, they don’t get electrocuted unless they touch another power line and make the circuit complete.” – Finley

“Did you know that flames can conduct electricity?” – Kasey

Today’s Task:

We’re going to be completing an investigation into electricity and circuits. We’ve discussed the difference between materials which are conductors (such as metals) or insulators (such as plastics).

Group Planning


What could we change about our circuit?

Here are some of our ideas:

  • BATTERY – the size/number of volts
  • BULB – the size/number/type/colour
  • WIRES – the length/thickness/number/colour
  • CIRCUIT TYPE – parallel/series
  • MOTOR – the size/speed/number
  • BUZZER – the volume/number/sound/size/colour/frequency
  • SWITCH – with/without/type

What could we measure/observe?

We discussed what we could look at or measure during our experiment:

  • the brightness of the bulb
  • the voltage of the battery
  • the volume of the buzzer
  • the speed of the motor
  • the length of the wire
  • the time it takes from turning on the switch to the bulb lighting up
  • how many beeps per second from the buzzer?
  • the lifespan of the bulb
  • how many volts actually travel to the bulb?
  • how long before the wire stops working?
  • how many different components can you get into your circuit with just one battery?

We will change…

We will change the number of wires in our circuit (independent variable).

What we will measure…

We’ve been given the option to measure one of these three things:

  1. the brightness of the bulb
  2. the volume of the buzzer
  3. the speed of the motor

Miss Hall decided to observe the brightness of the bulb (dependent variable).

Our question is…

Some possible questions are:

  1. How does the number or wires affect the volume of the buzzer?
  2. How is the speed of the buzzer affected by the number of wires?
  3. What happens to the brightness of the bulb when you add more wires?
  4. Do more wires make the bulb brighter or do fewer wires make the bulb dimmer?

Miss Hall decided to go with Question #3 for her investigation.

To be continued after break…

We will keep these things the same…

It’s important to keep the rest of the elements of our circuit the same to make it a fair test.

Some things to keep the same are:

  • BATTERY – the size
  • CIRCUIT TYPE – parallel/series
  • the same BULB (if applicable)
  • the same MOTOR (if applicable)
  • the same BUZZER (if applicable)



Ellie thinks the brightness of the bulb won’t change because the volts from the battery are still the same.

However, Finley thinks the bulb will become dimmer because the electricity has further to travel and is stretched over a longer distance.

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Wear it Wild in Year Six

Did you know that today is Wear it Wild day? Do you even know what Wear it Wild day is?

This is what WWF say about Wear it Wild day:

Wear it Wild is WWF’s annual fundraising event which takes place on Friday 20th October.
In workplaces, schools and homes up and down the land, people will be donning wildlife-inspired fancy dress – and raising money to save incredible wildlife at the same time.
Since 1970, populations of wild species have fallen by half. Without the tireless efforts of conservation organisations like WWF, iconic species like tigers, elephants and rhinos could become extinct in our lifetimes.
We’re not going to let that happen. But we rely on the support of people like you to bring about a future where people live in harmony with nature.
Taking part in Wear it Wild is a great way to raise funds, raise awareness – and have fun too.

Year Six have been helping raise money for Wear it Wild day by coming to school dressed as their favourite wild animal and paying £1 for the privilege.

Even the teachers have joined in!

Wear it Wild OpalWear it Wild Quartz




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