ESCAL Spelling Workshop

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Yesterday afternoon, Year Six were visited by some wonderful ladies from ESCAL. What is ESCAL you say? Important, special, clever – ESCAL stands for ‘Every Sheffield Child is Articulate and Literate’.

The aim of yesterday’s workshop was to encourage the development of our spelling abilities, as well as teach us some new strategies to help both spell unknown words and learn them!

We had a great time – the activities were SPELLTASTIC!

Some of us had to work out how many CLAPTASTIC syllables were in words, then spell them correctly; others had to spell different homophones. Each challenge came with the opportunity to win points for our teams: we loved it!

Here are some comments that the Year Sixes had to make on the ESCAL Workshop:

“Thank you for coming – I loved learning a lot of spellings. My favourite part was the ‘clapping syllables’ challenge”. – Katie

“Thank you for helping us spell longer words. Even though there were fun games, they helped us learn a lot more things.” – Scott

“I hope you come again and teach us more about spelling” – Lucyanne

“My favourite workshop activity was the contractions game. It was really fun and it made us use our brains”. – Crystal

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Verb Workshop


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