*Prom Night*

What an amazing night we had on Tuesday! Glamorous, exciting, wonderful – we had a brilliant time. Everyone enjoyed the food and the music, as well as the chance to dress up in their best clothes. It was a really special event to recognise the end of our time at Prince Edward.

“I enjoyed the Prom: I was glad to see all of my friends again. It was very fun and everybody was taking selfies. Everyone had a good night and some people even went on a party bus afterwards.” – Katie.

“Fantastic, tremendous, excellent – I enjoyed the Prom because I got to meet all of my friends and danced with them. I also liked dressing up in my smart suit. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed going on the party bus afterwards: we were all dancing, singing and chatting.” – Obed.


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“Amazingly, I really enjoyed prom: it was a very good night and I even got to see my friends again who have moved to Springs. We had lots of good fun dancing to music and eating the yummy buffet. I wasn’t surprised who the Prom Queen was – she looked really nice – but it was a little surprised who was voted as Prom King. Overall, it was a great night!” – Lacey.

“On the night of the Prom, we had a really nice buffet and a party: it was awesome! However, I was also sad because I love my friends and I don’t want to leave them but I can ring my friends and visit them. The Prom was a great way to say goodbye.” – Jamie.

“I really enjoyed Prom because it was a great way to end the school year: we had fun but also it was a brilliant way to say goodbye.” – Mellica.


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