Charles Darwin D&T Project

Over the past few weeks, while the other Year 6s have been on transition to their new secondary schools, we have been undertaking a new, exciting project: Charles Darwin and his famous journey on The Beagle. We have created a whole collection of work all about Darwin and The Beagle including: a journal entry by Darwin himself while on his expedition; an ‘aged’ map of the world showing the route he travelled all those years ago; a wooden moving toy designed around Darwin’s explorations and a leaflet advertising our toys and how you could buy them.

“During this project, I learnt that Charles Darwin was a great explorer: he found many new species in the Galapagos Islands. I also enjoyed making the toy boxes because it was exciting using the saws. Making the leaflets was awesome because we got to used the laptops to help us design and create them.” – Nahom.

“I have enjoyed the Charles Darwin Project because we got to design and make Darwin toys and we also made a map of where Darwin went.” – Coben.



“Over the past 3 weeks, we have been learning about Charles Darwin’s voyage and the Galapagos Islands. We did lots of work related to this. We did: maps, leaflets, customised animals and a toy. My favourite part about this project was making the wooden toy box. Although it was fiddly, it was still really fun. Another of my favourite parts was making the map. It was quite easy to copy the map but it still took me a few attempts.” – Cody.

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One thought on “Charles Darwin D&T Project

  1. We loved this project: it was so fun!
    Lacey and Mellica


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