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Charles Darwin D&T Project

Over the past few weeks, while the other Year 6s have been on transition to their new secondary schools, we have been undertaking a new, exciting project: Charles Darwin and his famous journey on The Beagle. We have created a whole collection of work all about Darwin and The Beagle including: a journal entry by Darwin himself while on his expedition; an ‘aged’ map of the world showing the route he travelled all those years ago; a wooden moving toy designed around Darwin’s explorations and a leaflet advertising our toys and how you could buy them.

“During this project, I learnt that Charles Darwin was a great explorer: he found many new species in the Galapagos Islands. I also enjoyed making the toy boxes because it was exciting using the saws. Making the leaflets was awesome because we got to used the laptops to help us design and create them.” – Nahom.

“I have enjoyed the Charles Darwin Project because we got to design and make Darwin toys and we also made a map of where Darwin went.” – Coben.



“Over the past 3 weeks, we have been learning about Charles Darwin’s voyage and the Galapagos Islands. We did lots of work related to this. We did: maps, leaflets, customised animals and a toy. My favourite part about this project was making the wooden toy box. Although it was fiddly, it was still really fun. Another of my favourite parts was making the map. It was quite easy to copy the map but it still took me a few attempts.” – Cody.

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*Prom Night*

What an amazing night we had on Tuesday! Glamorous, exciting, wonderful – we had a brilliant time. Everyone enjoyed the food and the music, as well as the chance to dress up in their best clothes. It was a really special event to recognise the end of our time at Prince Edward.

“I enjoyed the Prom: I was glad to see all of my friends again. It was very fun and everybody was taking selfies. Everyone had a good night and some people even went on a party bus afterwards.” – Katie.

“Fantastic, tremendous, excellent – I enjoyed the Prom because I got to meet all of my friends and danced with them. I also liked dressing up in my smart suit. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed going on the party bus afterwards: we were all dancing, singing and chatting.” – Obed.


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“Amazingly, I really enjoyed prom: it was a very good night and I even got to see my friends again who have moved to Springs. We had lots of good fun dancing to music and eating the yummy buffet. I wasn’t surprised who the Prom Queen was – she looked really nice – but it was a little surprised who was voted as Prom King. Overall, it was a great night!” – Lacey.

“On the night of the Prom, we had a really nice buffet and a party: it was awesome! However, I was also sad because I love my friends and I don’t want to leave them but I can ring my friends and visit them. The Prom was a great way to say goodbye.” – Jamie.

“I really enjoyed Prom because it was a great way to end the school year: we had fun but also it was a brilliant way to say goodbye.” – Mellica.


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Visiting a French Market


Welcome to a typical French market on market day. Virtually every French town has either an outdoor or covered market place: they’re a great French tradition. You can but lots of typical french foods from markets such as cheeses, breads and pastries, as well as any sort of fruit or vegetable.

Not only are French markets an important way of shopping in a French town, they help to build a community and they are an integral part of the French way of life.

Here we are visiting our own ‘French market’:



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The Pillowcase Project

About The Pillowcase Project

It is estimated that natural disasters have affected approximately 250 million people worldwide every year in the last decade. More than half of those affected have been children (IFRC 2010).

The Pillowcase Project is an emergency preparedness education programme, initiated by the American Red Cross and funded by The Walt Disney Company. It is now happening in six other countries including the UK.

The project helps children aged 7–11 develop understanding, and the skills to cope with and respond to any weather-related emergency they may face. As part of the programme, children decorate an emergency ‘grab bag’ pillowcase with the items they would want to have with them in an emergency and take this home with them to share their learning with their family. This project has strong curriculum links; and many of the skills children learn as part of this project can be transferred to other areas of their learning and their lives; including skills such as: communication, coping and listening, problem solving and creative and critical thinking.

The Red Cross – 2017 (

What we’ve learned through The Pillowcase Project

As many of the Year Sixes are currently undertaking their three weeks of Early Risers, the remaining members of Quartz and Opal class have been kept busy undertaking The Red Cross’ Pillowcase Project.

We’ve learned all about what kinds of emergencies there are across the globe, including those which are more likely to affect us in the UK such as storms and flooding.

Lucky, fortunate, advantaged – we’ve come to realise how many challenges and natural disasters other nations have to live through and how lucky we actually are living in this country.

As well as this, we’ve discussed and evaluated what we might need to do in an emergency and what equipment/items we might need to help us cope in an emergency.

What did we have to do?

The first step in the process was to design our pillowcases. Careful and thorough, practical and important, we had to think about all the vital items we would need in any kind of emergency, such as:

  • water
  • clothes
  • food
  • a torch (and batteries)
  • medicine
  • a toy (for comfort)

After this, we made a start on the designing process…


Once we’d completed our designs on paper, we then had to be extra careful and transfer our designs onto our pillowcases.

We were really pleased with the finished result and here they are…


What we thought about The Pillowcase Project

“I really enjoyed The Pillowcase Project because we could let our imagination run wild and I learnt that floods are more likely to happen in the UK than any other natural disasters.” M – Opal Class.

“In The Pillowcase Project, I have learned that I must listen to news updates if there’s a chance of flooding. Also, ten years ago, there was major flooding in Sheffield which caused lots of damage.” – N, Quartz Class.

“I really liked doing The Pillowcase Project because we could design and create our own pillowcase. As well as this, I learned how to stay safe if flooding actually happened.” – O, Opal Class.

“What I liked the most about the project was that we learned many different events that bad, or even dangerous, weather can cause. At first, I didn’t have a clue what The Pillowcase Project was but now I know and I really enjoyed the project.” – S, Quartz Class.

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