Bugsy Malone *Updated with video*

All of the Year Six team would like to congratulate our pupils on their FANTASTIC production of Bugsy Malone which they performed on Wednesday and Thursday night this week. Confident and talented, fabulous and wonderful, they have all worked incredibly hard to pull such a fun show together over a short period of time.

Here they are, in costume, before last night’s performance:

They couldn’t have worked harder and we are incredibly proud of them all.

Well done Year Six!

Here are just a few snippets from last night’s performance… didn’t they do well?


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3 thoughts on “Bugsy Malone *Updated with video*

  1. princeedwardprimaryschool

    I loved every minute of Bugsy, especially as you all threw yourselves into the whole production.
    You sang, danced and acted your hearts out and made me want to sing and dance with you!

    A fantastic show made perfect by our amazing children and equally amazing staff.

    Congratulations to everyone!

    Miss French

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  2. DM

    Amazing!!! You are all superstars.

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  3. I so enjoyed watching you last night, Year 6. You were absolutely amazing! It’s not wonder you sang along to the film in class this morning. I’ve been singing songs from the show to myself all day.

    Well done!

    Mrs Lohoar

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