Let’s Celebrate 100% Attendance!

Congratulations to all the Year Six pupils below who achieved 100% Attendance last Half Term. What an achievement! Let’s see if we can make these lists even longer for this Half Term…

Period:     28/02/2017 to 07/04/2017


Name Reg % Attend
Logan Y6 QUARTZ 100
Skye Y6 QUARTZ 100
Jack Y6 QUARTZ 100
Charley-Mae Y6 QUARTZ 100
Summer Y6 QUARTZ 100
Nahom Y6 QUARTZ 100
Coben Y6 QUARTZ 100
Blake Y6 QUARTZ 100
Carina Y6 QUARTZ 100
Tamzin Y6 QUARTZ 100
Lacey Y6 QUARTZ 100
Tyler (Y6 QUARTZ) 100
Cody Y6 QUARTZ 100
Harry Y6 QUARTZ 100
Period:     28/02/2017 to 07/04/2017


Name Reg % Attend
Majida Y6 OPAL 100
Kelsie Y6 OPAL 100
Katie Y6 OPAL 100
Lucy Y6 OPAL 100
Cole Y6 OPAL 100
Reagan Y6 OPAL 100
Mellica Y6 OPAL 100
Nathan Y6 OPAL 100
Red Y6 OPAL 100
Ebony Y6 OPAL 100
Angeliki Y6 OPAL 100
Obed Y6 OPAL 100
Jamie Y6 OPAL 100
Feaven Y6 OPAL 100
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