It’s Time for Science!

Light, light, light! Did you know that the Sun, fires and lamps are all sources of light? Mirrors and other objects reflect light. They do not make their own light.


Year Six have started a new topic today – Light!

Over the next two days, we’re going to learn all about: sources of light; how we see; how light travels and complete a series of ‘light’ experiments.

First, we discussed what we already know about light and what we’d like to learn. Here we are filling in our tables:

Then, we walked around the classroom and corridor, reading all the light facts that we could see. Afterwards, we had a go at ‘Sticky Fingers’ and shared all the facts we’d learned.

Once we’d shared our facts, we took part in a quick quiz all about light. We’ll have another go at the end of this topic, to see how much we’ve learned.

Now it was time to complete some experiments. Some people were researching light in text books from the library; others were experimenting with light, mirrors, torches and shadows.

Later on, we came back together to watch a quick video about how light travels in a straight line and completed some diagrams which showed how we see light. The light travels from the source, then reflects off the object and into the person’s eyes so they can see the object.

Once we’d completed that task, we started to learn about the human eye and how the eye functions. We learned all about the different parts of the eye and Mr Sieczkarek came in and taught us how the eye allows us to see!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Science!

  1. It looks like you’ve had a fantastic science day today. Well done everyone.
    Miss Varley


  2. We enjoyed reading this post because we’re learning about light as well! We learnt that the moon is not a light source because it is actually reflecting the light from the sun. You’re post told us some interesting things, like what the inside of our eye looks like. What did you find most interesting about light? From Aquamarine.


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