SEAL Workshop


Recently, in their SEAL lessons, Year Six have been experiencing what it would be like to be a teacher – not as easy as we thought!

Carefully and thoughtfully, each Year Six pupil thought of a skill or activity, which they were particularly confident at, and created a short lesson plan in order for them to teach that activity to someone else. There were all sorts of interesting lessons being planned such as: how to plait hair (using Miss Senior as a willing volunteer); how to build Lego; how to play football; how to speak many different languages including Greek and Portuguese; how to do magic tricks, as well as many, many more.

Jamie was learning the colours in Portuguese from Leticia, “One of them is called ‘vermelho’, which means Red.” – Jamie, Opal Class.


“I’ve been learning how to do card magic tricks and how to do the ‘flower trick’ from Reagan” – Coben, Quartz Class

“I’ve learned a bit more about sketching from Jessica. I’ve been practising and am getting better.” – Katie, Opal Class


Leticia was learning how to play Monopoly from Jamie, “We need to get money to pay for houses. If someone lands on yours, they need to pay you money.” – Leticia, Opal Class

“I learnt some Taekwondo moves and how to do blocks from Summer” – Tyler, Quartz Class


“I learnt the colours and how to say them in Swahili from Majida.” – Red, Opal Class

As you can see from the pictures below, Year Six really enjoyed the opportunity to become a teacher and pass on their skills to someone else! They all managed to learn something the didn’t before… even some of the adults learnt a thing or two as well!

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One thought on “SEAL Workshop

  1. Great idea Y6. I would have liked to have learnt some magic. I did hear that Cody taught the class computer keyboard shortcuts. I know ctrl x, c, v, b, but would like to know more.

    Mr Sieczkarek


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