BMX Biking Experience

“On Monday 9th January, a large group of Year Sixes, including me, had the opportunity to travel all the way to The National Cycling Centre and visit their super-cool BMX Biking Track. We all went on a minibus with Mr Malkin and Mrs Carnall from Prince Edward to Manchester. When we arrived, we all went up to the track and sat down to eat lunch – it looked so scary! When the time came to go down onto the BMX track, we met a lady called Sian. She was the coach who gave us all knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and helmets for our protection. At first we needed some training, then we went out onto the track!” – Catelin, Opal Class.

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“At the BMX biking track, there was a coach who taught us all the skills we needed to go over the bumps. Amazing, fantastic, fabulous – we actually saw the professional veldrome where lots of people were cycling at all different speeds. When we went on the bumps, I was terrified but, once I got going, it was actually quite fun.” – Reagan, Opal Class.

“On an indoor BMX track, there are different heights of humps: ones which are low but fast and ones which are high but slow. British BMX Olympians train at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester – we even got to see some of them practise! Some Olympians shot off high ramps to gain speed; others practised going over the humps. If you do go BMXing, you should know that you have to stand up because the seats are slanted, but, if you do want to sit down, it’s only when you want a rest.” – Summer, Quartz Class.

On Monday, a few chosen people (like me) went on a trip to the National Cycling Centre in Manchester and we rode BMX bikes on a very bumpy surface. We learned a riding method called ‘pumping’. Pumping was a way to keep your bike stable and fast while going up small or large bumps. We learned one part of the track and then the other. Once we felt confident enough, we had a go on the whole track.” – Cody, Quartz Class.

“I enjoyed going over the BMX humps because you could experience what the famous bikers do. You had to keep your wheels straight while going over the bumps, or you would stop and fly off your bike! We also got to see the actual professional velodrome – it was so cool how they ride sideways because the track is so steep”  – Charley-Mae, Quartz Class.

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