Brain Blaster Day

Brain Blaster Day was a fantastic experience for all KS2 children to take part in a workshop based around numeracy and, in particular, problem solving and teamwork.

“I enjoyed the maths games because we got to work in groups and I loved some of the puzzle and games. We all loved it!” – Jamie

We had a great time completing several challenges. Some of the challenges were really difficult; others were much easier. Nevertheless they all required team work and concentration.

“Today we did some activities for maths and I really enjoyed it! We did this food game when you had clues and pictures to help you. We also did a marble and monkey puzzle where you had to figure out how to build them and they were really hard!” – Obed 

Out first task was to listen to a playlist of numerous sounds and try to write down as many of them as we could. There were lots of different noises including train station announcements, animal noises and people speaking.

The second task was really fun! One member of the team was blindfolded while holding a fishing rod: the others tried to direct them to ‘catch’ the fish that was on the floor.

“Today we did loads of activities. I enjoyed them all. My favourite one was when you had to navigate your partner to get the fish on your rod.” – Demi

As you can see from this video, it was really tricky:

Our final task was to compete a series of challenges based around problem solving. These were great fun and we learnt about how to work well as a part of a team.

“During our Brain Blaster workshop we did lots of puzzles and quizzes. We did one with a marble and it played music. It was fun and it was all about teamwork!” – Tiana

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