Leapfrog Challenge

What a challenge indeed! Our task during today’s Numeracy session seemed simple but, in actual fact, it was VERY hard! Our job was to swap six frogs from one side of the ‘pond’ to another, with only one spare lillypad to use. However, there were some rules:

  • You can only travel in one direction, frogs don’t know how to leap or slide backwards!
  •  You can slide into the space next to you, if it is not occupied by another frog.
  • You are only allowed to leap over one frog at a time.

As you can see from out photos, it took team work and perseverance to complete this challenge but we had great fun doing it!

If any readers would like a go at this challenge themselves, then you can! Just visit the website below and get leaping… If any pupils would like to have ANOTHER attempt at this challenge, you can also visit this website:


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One thought on “Leapfrog Challenge

  1. This looks very exciting Y6. Were you able to find the lowest number of moves possible?


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