Following HMS Beagle’s Journey

Most of the pupils in Opal and Quartz classes are currently in transition to their new secondary school – either Springs Academy or Park Academy. However, those of us who will be attending other schools next year are still at Prince Edward and we  are hard at work on our latest project: The Beagle.

For those who don’t know, HMS Beagle was the famous ship that Charles Darwin – the explorer – travelled on, on his voyage around the globe, from August 1831 through to 1836. It was during this voyage that Darwin discovered many of the planet’s most famous species of animals and developed his theory of evolution.

The Year Sixes have been studying this particular journey in detail: learning the exact route that Darwin took on HMS Beagle and where he landed in different countries. We even created our own maps showing his remarkable journey.



As part of this project on Charles Darwin and HMS Beagle, Year Six have combined history with Design & Technology by creating our own toy inspired by this famous ship’s voyage. We have designed the toys ourselves and, using our woodwork skills (with a little help from our teachers), begun to create our toys.

The first step was to design and create the panels which would be attached to all sides of our wooden toy. Many of our designs feature the sea, islands, volcanoes and creatures that Darwin might have experienced on his journey.


Update (13/7/2016)

Year Six have now begun to cut and assemble to wooden structure of our toy and attach the panels – they’re really starting to come together.

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