Looking Forward…

This is it. The end of Year Six is fast approaching and we are all full of mixed emotions about the journey ahead. Here are some of our thoughts and feelings about our years at Prince Edward and moving on to Secondary School…

When I attended the Leavers Assembly, we all sang songs and some of us had speaking parts to tell the audience about the amazing time we’ve had over our years at Prince Edward. I spoke about our trip to Kingswood and all the cool activities we did while we were there.

After the assembly, most of us left for Early Risers to our new Secondary Schools, but some of us are staying at Prince Edward and are just visiting our new schools for the odd day before next year. I am going to Outwood Academy for my new secondary school and I hope that I will have a great time there.

By Luke


I don’t feel worried about going to Secondary School anymore because I’ve just visited the school this week and it was really fun – there is nothing to be scared of any more. When me and Malakai went to visit All Saints Catholic High School, I was feeling nervous because the only people I knew at All Saints were my friend Aira and my big sister Damiana. When I went in I was REALLY worried because there were new faces that I hadn’t seen before, but there were these two children from Manor Lodge who I recognised but never knew their name. We were all put into different forms: Belief, Courage, Endeavour, Fortitude -the one me and Malakai were put in – and many more. I am excited to be starting a new school because I will be able to learn new things and have new experiences. It will be weird not being in primary school anymore.

By Isaura

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