Live from Kingswood

Have you ever been to Kingswood? No – well I have! You need to push yourself to the limits. Kingswood Peak Venture is located in Penistone and is a brilliant outdoor activity centre where children aged between 5 -17 can go and stay over night while trying new activities during the day.

Leap of Faith
The leap of faith is a tall wooden climbing pole which is approximately 20 feet tall. And if you are scared of heights then you really have to push your self because this activity is so high that your legs start to wobble but trust me it is amazing when you get to do it!

3G swing
Ecstatic, belly dropping, exhilarating – the 3G swing was fantastic because you went on in pairs while the rest of your group pulled the rope and the swing the top. One of you had to pull a blue string to drop but my partner, Clayton, was too scared so I had to pull it and it was nerve wracking but good. As the swing dropped, so did my mouth while my tummy did somersaults! It was a scary experience but I’m proud that I did it!

High all aboard
It is scary but brilliant the same time and if you don’t want to go on your own you can go with a partner that’s the good thing a bout it. In this activity you need to where a harness and helmet then climb like a monkey up a pole. Once you reach the top, you wait for your partner. We had to use teamwork because my partner pulled me up onto the platform. Laughing, we had to do different poses then swing off like Tarzan.
The dorms are good because you can pick who you are in a room with and it is big enough to fit 2 bunk beds in so it is pritty big for a little dorm and it is so good. Eating sweets we hade a mouth full of sugar every time we went back to our rooms. Laughing, smiling and sleepy- at night we had a good nights sleep and you sleep fantastically! You need it as well because you have a long day ahead and it’s full of different activities.
We had to leave; I was crying because I didn’t want to go and it was really up setting. However, the week at Kingswood was fabulous and I would definitely recommend it. My memories from there will last a life time!

By Charli

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