Live from Kingswood


Amazing, thrilling, limit pushing-have you ever been to Kingswood? Have you ever forgot your fears? We have, we have memories to last for a life time.

Scary and risk taking, it took us a lot of confidence to fight our fears, like heights, staying away from home and doing stuff our selves. If I we had to recommend it out of ten it would be a definite 10.

3G swing
Belly dropping and amazing the nearly every one loved the 3G swing and I think that’s every one favourite activity of kingswood. As scared as it sounds, the 3G swing is amazing and so much fun! Qualified instructors make sure you’re  safe on every activity.


The dorms aren’t very big, but they are big enough for you and 2 or 3 of your friends.In the dorms,there is;two sets of bunk beds, one window and a radiator.Also on the first day you will have to make your bed, and on the last day you will have to take the sheets of your bed.


Waking up in a morning to a full English breakfast, we all enjoyed going to the dinner with all our friends to get served our full English by the kind and friendly cheifs.

Overall, Kingswood was awesome!



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