Livia’s Crucial Crew Trip

Exiting, great, awesome – we went to Crucial Crew to learn how to be be safe and happy: there were lots of staff to teach us all the interesting things. It was AWESOME!!

My favourite scenario was when we were in the Courtroom – this is the place where anyone who is a criminal either gets a fine or has to go to jail as a punishment for their crime. What would you do if you were a judge in court? What actually happens in a court?

My job was to try to get Sam (the criminal) as good a sentence as possible. The court’s judge was very strict: he’s the person who decides what happens to the criminal. Normally, they either get a fine or have to go to prison as their punishment.

By the way, a  criminal is a person who breaks the law in any way, like stealing beer from a shop – that was an example of breaking the law that we used in our courtroom scenario. Breaking the law is a serious thing to do and there are always consequence for your actions. However, some people can get blamed for things they didn’t do: they are innocent. People can be victims. This is I learnt in this scenario.


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