Crucial Crew Court


Yesterday, on the 19 January 2016, Opal Class and Quartz Class went on a school trip to Crucial Crew and we had the best time ever!

On the way there, we all sat on the coach chatting to our friends. I sat next to Inês – she is my best friend and she said, “Do you want to sit next to me?” so I sat next to the window for a better view – how kind!

A while later, we drove past a little farm with horses and donkeys . But they were next to a river so I stopped looking because I didn’t want to see a donkey or a horse jump over the small gate and fall in!

Soon, we arrived at Crucial Crew where we were to learn all about health & safety. First, we had to go in and read all the rules and find out where we would be first.

I was in Section 2 and I had to go to the Courtroom first. In this scenario, I got to be one of the magistrates in the courtroom. I later found out that a magistrate is a person who conducts the court. The scenario was that Sam had stolen some beer but her friends had made her do this. She said that she was sorry and that she wouldn’t do it again. Nevertheless, she was given a fine of £300 but it was her mum who had to pay. We agreed that she could pay her fine in instalments of £10 a week – it was a lot of fun!

Afterwards, we went to see the prison cell which was cold and there was no privacy. I would hate to be in there!

By Ellie.

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