First Aid Training

Today we have learnt about first aid. We have learned about many procedures such as RICE or AVPU. We have also learned what to do if someone has a burn or a scald.  RICE stands for: Rest; Ice; Comfort; Elevate. We do this when someone pulls a muscle or anything similar. First you lay them down or sit them down on something and then you get a bag of ice wrapped in cloth and put it where it hurts. Next you, comfort them by talking to them or something else.  Then you elevate where it hurts. AVPU stands for: Alert; Verbal; Pain; Unresponsive. This works for most injuries. If they are unconscious then look for clues of danger that could have made them fall unconscious. If they are alert then they are awake and know about their injury. If not then you can try to wake them up by talking. Next you lightly tap them on the shoulders. If they don’t respond at all then you will have to do something called the recovery position.

By Edison

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